Cucumber egg diet prevails You can have a good body in a week

Cucumber-egg diet is a rapid weight-loss method that has been prevalent in today’s obesity industry. It mainly aims to reduce fat and slimming by eating healthy weight-loss meals based on cucumbers and eggs. It is reported that the use of cucumber egg diet to lose weight, the effect is very significant, 1 week can successfully get rid of 10 pounds of meat, but the premise is that we must correctly master the fat reduction method and essence of cucumber egg diet.

Cucumber egg diet rules

Cucumber and egg diet is actually very simple to implement. As long as you insist on using cucumbers and eggs as the main food every day, it is absolutely no problem if you lose 10 pounds a week. Because cucumbers and eggs are not fat foods and can help increase metabolism and resolve constipation problems, helping you lose weight fast. And generally speaking, using cucumber egg diet to lose weight is not very greasy, after all, these two kinds of food practices are many, if you want to lose weight faster, just eat raw cucumber and boiled eggs just fine.

However, it is worth noting that the use of cucumber and egg diet to lose weight, can not immediately resume the diet after the end of weight loss, to slowly increase! Do not eat too much food, or you’ll just get rid of it. Cucumber egg diet is good, but everything has advantages and disadvantages. Cucumber egg diet is the same, and you want to be healthy and efficient. Xiaobian strongly recommends that you choose lean and healthy. Safe fast fat loss mode. Amywish, an ultra-premium lean brand, is made from the finest technology in the world. It not only solves the problem of intractable fat deposits, but also helps to develop lean physique for long-term use, thereby completely eliminating obesity and having its own health curve!


Cucumber Egg Diet One Week Detailed Diet Plan

Cucumber Egg Diet Monday

Breakfast: boiled eggs (not limited), toast (not limited), grape fruit, coffee (without sugar, milk). Lunch: boiled eggs, toast, coffee. Dinner: boiled eggs, green salad, pickles (do not put too much salt), coffee. In the ingredients, vegetable oil can be used for salads, such as beef without mutton, tomatoes when they are hungry, and sugar-free milk for coffee, preferably black coffee.

Cucumber egg diet Tuesday

Breakfast: one boiled egg, toast, grape fruit, coffee. Lunch: Two boiled eggs, coffee, grape fruits. Dinner: steak, salad dish with tomato-based vegetables, pickles, coffee. As for the eggs, they can be boiled eggs, or they can be brushed clean, and then they can be made into halogen eggs with a package of halogen meat. (The halogen meat is tied with the gauze attached to the bag, plus a few octagons, a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, clean water, boiled together for 15 minutes, chopped egg shells, turn to a small fire and continue to cook for 30 minutes; this made the quail eggs to eat well, there are rich mixed aroma).

Wednesday of cucumber egg diet

Breakfast: boiled eggs, grapes, coffee. Lunch: green salad, tomatoes, grape fruit, coffee. The practice of vegetable salad: 1. Prepare raw materials, wash, lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum, cucumber slices, onion, red pepper cuts (vegetables can be arbitrarily chosen according to your preferences). 2. Appropriate amount of olive oil, red vinegar, salt and black pepper. 3. The ratio of olive oil and red vinegar is 3:1. Red vinegar can also be replaced with fruit vinegar or lemon vinegar, but do not use rice vinegar and vinegar, and there is no refreshing taste. 4. Place the washed vegetables in a salad bowl. 5. Pour into the vinegar sauce and mix well. Dinner: Two boiled eggs, lamb, tomato-based green salad, pickles, coffee.

Cucumber Egg Diet Thursday

Breakfast: boiled eggs, grapes, coffee. Lunch: green salad, tomatoes, grape fruit, coffee. Dinner: Two boiled eggs, cheese (people with type B blood need to eat less), spinach, coffee. Many people think that the calories of cheese are high, but in fact, with a little more effort, cheese can be your friend of weight loss. Because cheese is not only rich in vitamins A and B, cheese as a fermented food has the advantage of easy intake of nutrients and digestibility compared to other foods. It can be said that it is the best choice for healthy weight loss.

Cucumber egg diet Friday

Breakfast: boiled eggs, grapes, tomatoes, coffee. Lunch: Two boiled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, coffee. Dinner: Marine fish (for slimming, fattening, fish, fish that can lose weight), green salad, toast, coffee. Marine fish oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and has a hypolipidemic effect. Among them, polyenoic acid combined with cholesterol in the blood can reduce platelet aggregation, lower blood viscosity, and effectively eliminate intravascular fat deposition. It is a scavenger for blood vessels. “. People who often eat fish can reduce the production of leptin hormones in the body, which is very beneficial for lipid-lowering diets. Therefore, if you want to be slim, you should eat three to four fish per week.

Cucumber Egg Diet Saturday

Breakfast: boiled eggs, grapes, coffee. Lunch: fruit salad, two eggs. Recommended fruit salad practices: 1. Prepare the required materials. 2. Peel and wash the apple, cut into small salt and soak for 5 minutes with light salt water. The kiwifruit is peeled and cut into small diced, and the cherry fruit is also washed and cut. 3. Drain the soaked apple and drain it. 4. Pour all the fruit into a large bowl and mix well. 5. Take a plate and plate the fruit. 6. The salad dressing is loaded into the bag. 7. Finally squeeze the salad dressing on the fruit surface into a net pattern. Dinner: Steak (lose weight can also eat meat), tomato salad, coffee.

Cucumber egg diet Sunday

Breakfast: boiled eggs, grapes, coffee. Lunch: Roast chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit, coffee. Dinner: Vegetable soup, cabbage, grape fruit, green salad, mainly tomatoes. The green soup is a delicious soup made of greens and mushrooms. Recommend the practice of vegetable soup: Wash the vegetables first and drain the water. Then heat the pan, put the oil, stir-fried vegetables in the fire (you can add a little ginger, the taste will be better), fry until about six mature, add water, Shao Tang, cooked on it, then salt, diced green and so on. Finally, the vegetables were fried and water was added. When the water was still cold, put the tofu in it, put salt in it, and cook it for 5 minutes in a small fire.

After reading the above detailed introduction, I believe that we have more fully grasp the essentials and essence of reducing fat in cucumber and egg diet. Cucumber egg diet to lose weight, although the fat-reducing effect of slimming is indeed good, but Xiao Bian remind you that excessive eating eggs not only can not achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss, it may also cause stomach and other side effects. Therefore, for the sake of health, we must first have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of cucumber egg diet, and then make specific plans.

Star weight loss recipes 2018

For the sake of thinness and beauty, celebrities are all very hard, trying no less than dozens of ways to lose weight, and eventually have such a hot and sexy figure. Although we cannot have personal fitness trainers like them, we can learn to learn their weight loss recipes. For celebrity diet recipes, Xiao Bian has organized several super simple and fast-paced recipes for everyone. Here’s a look at the slimming secrets of these celebrity diet recipes. I believe there must be a star diet recipe for you!

The basic principle of weight loss

As we all know, as long as the energy consumed is less than the energy consumed can achieve fat reduction effect. This is the constant weight loss truth, and it has scientific significance. The intake of restraint calories on the diet and more exercise increase the calorie consumption, so that the body can achieve energy balance, will not cause heat accumulation, and therefore will not gain weight. . But if it is so easy to lose weight, obesity will not become a global primary health issue related to lifestyle.

The busy work, irregular work and rest, unbalanced diet, physical reasons and so on can all lead to difficulty in losing weight. However, there is no need to worry too much. With the development of science and technology in recent years, it has been able to help people get rid of obesity problems completely. The method, namely auxiliary thin. Although the professional lean brand emerges in recent years, the best known brand is Amywish, which is a top weight management brand. Using Amywish in conjunction with weight loss not only helps to reduce fat, but also helps to develop lean body mass. Say goodbye to the concerns of rebounding and regaining fate. Therefore, Xiaobian strongly recommends it.

Celebrity Diet Recipe Crash Choosing the Best for You

Star Diet Recipes 1, Jessica Alba: Change Your Eating Habits

Since the age of 12, Jessica Olba has decided to change his eating habits so that she will not follow the family’s footsteps because she was born into a seriously obese family. She usually pays great attention to the balance of the diet, but she does not eat carbohydrates in order to play the role of more exposed roles, in order to maintain the slender body. Jessica Alba always adheres to the principle of diet: to eat lean meat, vegetables, egg whites, and cottage cheese; in addition, he also eats some dried fruit, yogurt, and other foods on weekdays to satisfy his hobby of eating snacks. Like to eat snacks MM, choose this paragraph star diet recipes are just right!

Star diet recipes 2, Miranda Kerr: Blood diet diet

The beautiful girl with a devil’s figure on the face of the angels used a “blood diet diet method” to maintain a fit and healthy figure. It sounds mysterious. Simply speaking, the recipe is to choose the appropriate food based on your blood type. Blood Type Diet was proposed by Peter D’adao, a well-known natural therapist in the United States. He proposed this weight loss method to provide different diets for different blood types, and this star diet recipe claims to reduce weight. Slowing down aging can also prevent cancer and heart disease.

Star Weight Loss Recipe 3, Oprah Winfrey: Exercise Plus Less Carbs

Oprah Winfrey, the celebrity queen, is a small coup for her weight loss. Treating carbohydrates is like treating plagues. She lists taboo foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. She insists on exercising every day. Her experience proves that losing weight is a very difficult task, but if you can work hard, you will be successful.

Star Weight Loss Recipes 4, Angelina Jolie: Only eat protein-rich foods

The slimming secret of Angelina Jolie is to eat only protein-rich foods (such as meat and fish) while drinking plenty of water. Eating more foods rich in high-quality protein is a weight-loss co-operation that big-name female stars stick to. As ordinary people we want to lose weight, we should pay more attention to this. In addition, Angelina Jolie also eats some insect foods (such as wolfberry) and propolis, because these foods are a good source of protein.

Star Weight Loss Recipes 5, Jenny Jackson: According to the requirements of nutrition experts to arrange a reasonable diet

In 2006, Jenny Jackson achieved significant weight loss results, which has aroused widespread concern in the world. In her daily life, her workout schedule was full and she also hired a private dietitian to guide her diet. Every day, she must have 2-3 home-cooked porridge, which contains the various nutrients needed by the body. As the weight-loss process continues, her diet has added some vegetables, berries and frozen fruit.

Star Weight Loss Recipes 6. Reese Witherspoon: Controlling calorie intake and food intake

Reese Witherspoon’s method of controlling calorie intake and food intake is special. It is to eat several cans of baby food every day. High-quality children’s foods are both delicious and nutrient-dense, so this is a great slimming coup. In addition, children’s food has the advantage of being portable and ready to be taken at any time. Want to lose weight thin MM, may wish to boldly try it!

Losing weight is urgent, but finding the right method is critical. The above Xiaobian introduced the six star diet recipes for everyone. We must choose the most suitable star diet recipe according to their own conditions. This will not only be easier to adhere to, but also the best fat loss reduction effect. However, using the star diet recipes to lose weight is not completely copied. Everyone can modify it according to individual needs and strive to maximize the fat loss effect.

Dragon Fruit Diet Absolutely Fat Burning Detox Secret

Dragon fruit diet is very popular in recent years, and even star He Jie praised dragon fruit diet. In fact, dragon fruit can help everyone lose weight because it not only contains low sugar, but also rich in pectin, can help the body detoxification. For dragon fruit diet, Xiao Bian introduced to you a few super-fighting fat burning detox recipe, you want to use dragon fruit diet to lose weight MM do not miss it!

The principle of fat reduction by dragon fruit diet

Dragon fruit is said to have longevity fruit, rich in vitamins, anthocyanins, dietary fiber, and vegetable proteins. The anthocyanin is an effective antioxidant that can play an anti-aging role. In addition, because the dragon fruit also has the detoxification effect, it is derived from the dragon fruit diet, which is a way to lose weight through different ways of dragon fruit consumption.

However, dragon fruit diet is good, but it is not suitable for eating, because dragon fruit does not contain sucrose and fructose, but the sugar is still not low, even higher than everyone knows. Therefore, it is recommended that people exercise dragon fruit after the exercise to lose weight is the best, and to be used together with auxiliary thin products, so that the effect of fat reduction can be maximized. As the leader in the thin lean brand, Amywish is the most widely-populated food-grade lean brand in the audience. Since its inception, it has successfully helped tens of thousands of slimming people to solve their body problems. Its new upgraded quick-action suit series, long-term adherence can also help develop lean physique!

Six Dragon Fruit Diet Tips Fat Burner Detox Super Awesome

Dragon Fruit Weight Loss Secret I. Dragon Fruit Sago

Materials: 1 dragon fruit and 1 sago. Practice: 1. Cook sago, cook until the middle has a white spot, was translucent, picked up, once a cold water, re-entry into boiling water and cook until transparent and picked up, after the second cold water, can make sago become Crystal clear, sizzling sago dew. 2. Dragon fruit cut in half, dig out the pulp with a dip, and then add the dug out of the pulp into the sago sauce, adding a small amount of rock sugar. Efficacy: Dragon fruit contains 350 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams. Potassium can remove excess sodium and water from the body and prevent obesity due to excessive body moisture and salinity.

Dragon Fruit Diet Recipe II Dragon Fruit Sweet Soup

Materials: 1 dragon fruit, 1 Sydney pear, 3 white fungus, 3 edible fungus, and crystal sugar. Practices: 1. Tremella and edible fungus soaked with clean water; 2. Pitaya take pulp and pellets, leaving the shell ready for use; 3. Sydney peeled and cored and cut into pellets; 4. Put all raw materials and sugar candy Stir in Chinese stew for 1 hour. 5. Place the stewed dessert in the pitaya shell. Dragon fruit is the fruit of choice for weight loss in the summer. It not only clears away heat, but it is also effective in preventing constipation. Eat dragon fruit to lose weight, not only slimming but also beauty!

Dragon Fruit Diet Recipe III Dragon Fruit Salad

Materials: 180 grams of dragon fruit, 25 grams of lemon salad dressing, and 50 grams of orange juice. Practices: 1. Peel the pitaya from the skin, cut it into small pieces, and put it into the container for use; 2. Dip the orange juice around the pitaya; 3. Sprinkle the lemon salad dressing on the end and serve immediately. Efficacy: Dragon fruit is rich in dietary fiber, can promote metabolism, consume body fat, and gradually achieve the purpose of reducing fat and slimming.

Dragon fruit diet recipe four dragon shrimp shrimp

Materials: 100 grams of shrimp, 200 grams of dragon fruit, carambola, parsley, and salt. Practices: 1. Dig the dragon fruit and salt it for a while. 2. Sit the pan and pour the oil, add the shrimp and fry, add the dragon fruit, star fruit stir fry, and salt fry. 3. Sprinkle with parsley. Efficacy: This section Dragon fruit diet food has Shun Qi Jian Wei, lose weight, lower blood sugar, blood pressure Runchang, prevent colon cancer.

Dragon Fruit Diet Recipe Five, Cold Dragon Peel

Materials: 1 dragon fruit, 1 pumpkin, 2-3 mushrooms, and 1-2 spinach. Practice: 1. Cook the oyster mushrooms and dice them for use. 2. Cut the pumpkin, take a small portion of the pumpkin peeled, cooked, diced spare. 3. Remove the pitaya flesh and leave dragon pitted red skin. Wash and shred. 4. The dish is scalded with boiling water. Put the prepared oyster mushroom, squash, dragon peel, and spinach in a pan. 5. Pour your favorite salad dressing on the pan and mix well.

Dragon Fruit Diet Recipe Six Dragon Fruit Rice Cake

Materials: 1 dragon fruit, 8 ebony, 150 grams of cucumber, 200 grams of rice cake, honey amount. Practices: 1. The whole dragon fruit cut into two sides, the dragon pulp dug out and cut into pieces, retain the complete dragon skin skin as a container spare; 2. Wumei to nuclear, peeled and cut cucumber; 3. The dragon fruit cuts, The ebony, cucumber and glutinous rice cakes are put together in Pitaya skin containers and honey can be added. Dietary fiber can not only increase people’s satiety, but also envelop the food in the stomach and reduce the body’s absorption of fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight control.

Don’t let these weight loss errors become healthy killers

There are many similar news in life such as cosmetic failure and mask allergy. However, few people pay attention to the wrong way of losing weight and it will cause serious harm to health. This is mainly because the performance of this harm to health is imperceptible, so it often cannot cause More attention. In order to avoid the risk of health problems brought into the weight loss mistakes, Xiao Bian today took everyone in depth analysis of those weight loss errors we have walked into.

Myth # 1: As long as it is a popular weight loss program to try

There are many kinds of ridiculous weight loss programs on the Internet. Some start with exercise and others start with diet. These weight loss methods are amazing in terms of literal description, but often these mixed diet programs have not received the most professional scientific tests. Therefore, some seemingly appealing weight loss programs can not afford scrutiny, not only will not bring high-quality slimming experience, but also harmful to health, and some become thin in the short term, late rebound is very powerful.

The right approach: choose a scientific weight loss program

There are many weight loss programs certified by the slimming experts and dietitians. This type of weight loss program has a systematic plan to reduce fat, exercise and diet, both have a scientific theory as a support, special effects, fat-reducing diet is currently the most popular The scientific weight-loss program can not only effectively remove excess body fat, but also help develop lean body mass. Therefore, it is very popular. It is also a choice for which weight-loss program to choose from, or because the weight-loss program is not scientific. The fat friend is definitely worth a try.

Myth 2: Dieting is weight loss

Many people think that eating less can be thinner. This kind of thinking seems to be infallible to a certain extent. Controlling caloric intake does not bring extra calories to the body, but dieting can not afford to lose weight. , Extremely reduce food intake, eat only a small amount of low-calorie foods every day, so that the amount of muscle in your body is greatly reduced, followed by metabolism also slows down, because fat and muscle are closely related to each other, so the amount of muscle Too little, fat will take advantage of this empty space, it is easy to rebound and regain fat.

Correct Practice: Reasonable Diet Control

“Controlling calorie intake” does not mean “don’t eat”. Three meals a day must be available for one meal. At the same time, the diet needs to pay more attention to quality. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates must all be reasonably ingested. You can eat more fruits. With vegetables and vegetables, instead of the surprise rice noodles with coarse grains, the intake of each calorie does not differ too much, but gradually decreases from morning till night. This way can properly reduce the amount of calories and inhibit the accumulation of body fat.

Myth 3: Weight loss is to crazy sports

Many people will think that the stronger the degree of exercise, the better the weight loss, especially the curse of “three pounds for every festive season”. After the holidays, people will go crazy and some people will start dieting mode while they are crazy. In fact, it is not appropriate. Weight loss methods can not only fail to achieve results but also cause great harm to the body, so we must be careful.

Correct practice: lasting low-intensity exercise is the fat reduction king

Only lasting low-intensity aerobic exercise can cause people to consume excess fat. Low-intensity exercise can promote the use of oxidized fatty acids in muscles to obtain energy and accelerate the consumption of fat. If the exercise intensity suddenly increases or is always large, the proportion of fat consumption will be reversed. Easy to reduce, weight loss is even less ideal. Therefore, it is easy and gentle, long-term low-intensity exercise is most beneficial to weight loss. No matter how you exercise, you must follow the principle of appropriateness. The more you do, the better. During exercise, the body produces lactic acid, and long-term exercise causes a large amount of lactic acid to accumulate inside the body. Lactic acid is the main cause of muscle fatigue, muscle aches, and muscle spasms.

Myth 4: Staying up late can lose weight

Eating well for a certain degree of slumber will be considered to be a sign of gaining weight, so many people will stay up late for a diet, stay a long time without rest, and force themselves not to sleep, leaving the nerves always in a state of tension and In the state of anxiety, this tension and anxiety will inevitably make one’s head drowsiness, and it may easily cause headaches, and often upset the normal habits of the day and night, easily affecting the endocrine system and causing youthfulness on the face. Acne is also very normal, and scientific research shows that staying up late does not only help to lose weight, but also make people gain weight.

Correct practice: ensure adequate sleep time

Sleep weight loss is an effective method of weight loss, medical evidence shows, mainly through the sleep time and the quality of sleep to affect the secretion of hormones to break down fat, make it burn, promote metabolism to eliminate edema, stimulate growth hormone, to guide the body to The conversion of fat into energy is the secret of those who love to sleep but do not diet regularly.


Ping super fifth round FanZhenDong doubles to win Xu Xin shock defeat to chop

ping super fifth round, FanZhenDong doubles win Xu Xin shock defeat to chop.

on December 19, 2017-18 ping super – the fifth round of the season is over four games, a jiangsu Chinese super match of the cable versus the shandong luneng will take place in the late 20th.

Malone, high rate of their team sweep, Lin FanZhenDong playing doubles, the rate of team win, Xu Xin by chopper matt, reported the biggest shocks.

in the first game, sichuan changhong 2-3 bazhou hyrum

sichuan changhong player is: Zhu Linfeng, Xu Ruifeng, Lai Jia new.

bazhou hyrum players are: Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, in any one.

1, 3-2 Wang Chuqin Zhu Linfeng (5-11, 12-8-10, 8-11, 11, 7-4).

2 disk, 2-3 Liang Jingkun Xu Ruifeng (13-11, 11-9, 8 to 11, September 11, 7-9), the two teams tied 1-1 -.

third, 1-2 Wang Chuqin Xu Ruifeng/Lai Jia new/in a (11-6, 12 and 14, 5-7).

4 set, Zhu Linfeng 3-2 Liang Jingkun (13 to 15, 11-9, 13, 8 to 11, 7-15-5).

the fifth set, Lai Jia new 2-0 in a (8 to 11, 10-12).

Zhu Linfeng, winning streak Wang Chuqin, Liang Jingkun, scored two points, this is one of the most close to victory, but his teammates don’t give force, finally defeat, sichuan team unbeaten games so far.

the second game, anhui lang kun 0-3 shandong weiqiao & middot; From moving is

anhui lang kun’s player is: in the ocean, Zhou Qihao, Zhu Cheng.

shandong weiqiao players are: high, yan an, Lin xue.

1 set, in sub 1-3 the yan an (7-11, 5-7-11, 11, 5-11).

2 disk, Zhou Qihao 0-3 Lin gao yuan (6-11, 4-11, 6-11), high strength is stronger, Lin won easily.

the third set, yan an Zhou Qihao/Zhu Cheng 1-2/xue (11-6, 9-11, 4-7).

shandong weiqiao five wins in a row, ping super – is the only unbeaten side. DetailPic

the third field, right of tianjin health 3-0 Shanghai zhongxing

tianjin QuanJian players are: three-dimensional pool, Cheng Jingqi Malone, matt, room.

Shanghai star player is: Xu Xin, Sun Zheng, Arthur ter, Cui Qinglei.

Shanghai zhongxing bold changes before the game, rarely play Sun Zheng as the second singles, Xu Xin served as the first singles.

1 dish, Malone 3-0 Sun Zheng (11-4-9, 11, 11-5).

2 set, matt 3-2 Xu Xin (4-9-11, 11, 6 to 11, 11-5, and 7-4). When upset. Matt is the ping active first chopper, in 2012, the national youth championships men’s singles final 4-3 reverse FanZhenDong, win the championship, with thorough knowledge of the chop language.

third, assumed the pool room/Cheng Jingqi 2-0 Arthur ter/Cui Qinglei (11-9, 11-8).

game 4, shenzhen baoan MingJinHai eight big business 3-1

eight big business team is: FanZhenDong, Zhou Yu, Zhou Kai.

shenzhen baoan MingJinHai players are: hao shuai, Zheng Peifeng, ryearn.

because FanZhenDong home, just finished finals eastlands, more tired, he served as the third round, paired with Zhou Kai doubles.

1, 3-2 hao shuai Zhou Kai (11-9, 13 and 11, 12-14, 4-11, 8-6). Young Zhou Kai resisted pressure to rockets.

2 disk, Zhou Yu 0-3 ryearn (11-13, 10-12, 3-11), a week more before didn’t grasp well, two key points in the third crash.

third, 2-0 FanZhenDong/Zhou Kai Zheng Peifeng/ryearn (11-7-9, 11).

4 set, hao shuai Zhou Yu 3-1 (8, 11-7-11, 11-8 -, 16-14). Zhou Yu adjust state, rick hao shuai, the fourth with 16-14 high score.

the Xu Xin by chopper, what do you think what reason be? Because Xu Xin just played the NBA finals, no strength? Is affected by the new material ball, the ball speed, rotating down to?

German masters qualifying Cao Yupeng top play again Zhou Yuelong out


Cao Yupeng

on December 21, 2018 German masters snooker qualifier in Barnes Metrodome end of the second day, just open in Scotland won the runner-up Chinese Cao Yupeng compatriots Chen Zifan 5-2 victory over China, together with the cow strong among the top 64 second qualifying round. Zhou Yuelong, peng-fei tian and Li Yuan players defeat to their rivals failed to pass the qualification test.

the German masters of the race of the season next year on January 31 solstice February 4 Tempodrom held in Berlin, the race will be through two rounds of qualifying 32 players to participate. Cao Yupeng against this year in his first round of qualifying Chen Zifan professional couple, this game Cao Yupeng prior the order with a set of 54 points tied, and a 62-60 come back with the first three innings, before halftime Chen Zifan hit 140 large broken.

2 than two draws on both sides, in the second half Cao Yupeng showed last week & other; 147 Sir & throughout; Power to 123, 87 and 88 points scored the next three games in a row, 5 more than 2 get the first round of qualifying victory. Cao Yupeng against this year will be the second qualifying round & other; Champions league crown & throughout; Medalist shawn & middot; Murphy.

cattle strong

to obtain professional qualification in the 2017/18 season strong, in the first round of the German masters qualifying also played a strong performance. Strong opponents, the cow is a welsh veteran Ian & middot; Pulis, cattle zhuang the game in the first inning, respectively in the second and last two innings hit 109, 61 and 93 points, 76 points, and finally 5 to 1 romp. Cow strong will in the second round of the German masters qualifying round against last week had conquered the black player ding junhui lorry & middot; Macleod.

Zhou Yuelong got off, 76 and 74 points under the condition of 2 to 1 lead, Cyprus is player Michael & middot; George wu four games to win, defeat the final 2 to 5 out; Peng-fei tian to hit 77 in 3 to 5 and 59 David & middot; Gilbert. Li Yuan defeat to hit 84 in 3 to 5, 120 points, 72 points, 72 points and 130 points mark & middot; Allen.

other players, with veteran Ken & invite wild card battle middot; Docherty hit three pole 50 +, win over England this season open 5-3 at last four Swiss teenager Alexander & middot; Ur, Bach; & other; A whirlwind & throughout; Jimmy & middot; White at the highest single pole score 67 points, 5-3 victory over world number 16 Anthony & middot; McGill.

jack & middot; Borisov,

Shanghai masters broke into the semi-finals of the England players after 90, seem, 51 points, 70 points in a single pole, 50 points, 59, 62 and 54 points, 5 to 1 victory over Karen & middot; Wilson; From wales & other; 00 after & throughout; Amateur young Jackson & middot; Page, with a single bar 51 points, 73 points, 104 points and 86 points, 5-2 victory over shawn & middot; His promotion the second qualifying round.

21, German masters qualifying will enter the third day, on this day will continue to play in the first round of qualifying Chinese players including Yuan Sijun, slow Fang Xiong, lu haotian, nowisg, zhao tong, li hsing, liang wenbo and mie xiwen, etc. Mine, groom, Robertson and Selma and other top players will also be in the day of qualifying.