A south Korean sister conquer China volleyball world! General because of her seduction to many smaller

distance between the final league titles, and the Shanghai women’s volleyball team the last step. As is known to all, Shanghai women’s volleyball team is champion so close this season, because they have world-class main soft gold. A south Korean elder sister good, also completely conquered China volleyball world.

as a soft golden scene teammates, this season to join the Shanghai m Yang scored a key game 5 MVP, when asked why to join the Shanghai women’s volleyball team, m Yang made it clear that: & other; Gold soft jiing is also a reason, I finally choose Shanghai when the outside world are in the golden soft jiing may come to Shanghai, when I am in communication with the Shanghai team got the positive reply. Throughout the &; DetailPic

for m Yang, can pass to gold soft scene, she nature is expected to win the coveted title, & other; Can and play with world-class players, this also let me to join the Shanghai team has a new look forward to more. Throughout the &; Now, looking forward to the dream come true, look m Yang choice there is no error. Because of golden soft scene this & other; Thigh & throughout; Level players coming, Shanghai women’s volleyball team veteran group is expected to achieve champions, this perhaps is to belong to their last chance.

similarly. Liaoning women’s volleyball team of the segment has become a star of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, but she will also soft golden scene as their idols, this season after met Kim soft scene, period of publishing group photo with her, and said: & other; Instant smaller seduction, king soft scene idol, hope I can become as good as you big main attack. Throughout the &; Segment was impressed by the landscape of the golden soft comprehensive, perhaps, this is the energy star and charm.

in fact, when twila just way to soft landscape as a role model, a south Korean sister gold is her sister. After twila very, even beyond their idols, and from the look up gold soft scene, as an equal to do with her, is an inspiring drama. Now, twila also made a lot of players in Turkey. Athletic field, is to use strength to speak, although gold soft scene is Korean, but she’s influence, there is no denying in the circle of Chinese women’s volleyball team is the top.