The last four at the bottom! Liaoning women’s volleyball final against devastating losses may have been forgotten completely

as the jiangsu women’s volleyball team 3-1 defeat of liaoning, women’s volleyball league this season already, that is the champion of the jiangsu women’s volleyball team last season. As to the liaoning women’s volleyball team full of confidence, eventually won the fourth. Signings as one of the last four teams, the liaoning women’s volleyball team level is very failure, in the end.

after the last four of the season, is considered to have hope to win the championship. Superstar of Shanghai women’s volleyball team, super star tianjin women’s volleyball team, the defending champion of jiangsu women’s volleyball team, as well as the liaoning women’s volleyball Ding Xiayan ni anchors. 4 teams, in order to champion, started the first round of the & other; Exchange & throughout; Is the battle of signings level. See, jiangsu women’s volleyball team is one of the largest scale, they will & other; Zhu yuan zhang & throughout; Yuan Xinyue brought to the team, one of national representative li jing to join too. As for Shanghai and tianjin women’s volleyball team, can be more targeted, the former had spring buds with taylor-robinson is introduced, the latter has brought the Olympic champion annabell.

by comparison, the liaoning women’s volleyball team the signings of some zhang two monks confused. Liaoning women’s volleyball team this season main position is strong, and the period of wang yimei and release characteristics are two points. Liaoning women’s volleyball team is still, however, chose to introduce another main ham, liu yan, let people by surprise. Want to know, jiangsu introduced main li jing to partner Zhang Changning, annabell, introduced in tianjin, in order to liberate Li Yingying. Shanghai women’s two main gold soft and Yang Jie fire scene is good, so they don’t have introduced main attack, so what is the purpose of the liaoning women’s volleyball team introduced main?

the answer is to replace wang yimei. The semi-final game, the liaoning women’s volleyball team did not reuse wang yimei, wang yimei is not only a substitute, more viewers, watching women’s volleyball team’s 3-0 defeat to tianjin. Three or four race, wang yimei & other; Disappear & throughout; . Three games, not her name, the official said was hurt, but the real reason, the fans also can only in the questions. DetailPic

all in all, abandoned wang yimei, liaoning women’s volleyball team eventually lost neatly, is not to say that liu yan containing is bad, she became the liaoning women’s volleyball team’s shelters. The arrival of liu yan, however, contain no make up for the problem of the liaoning women’s volleyball team, the final team total score 1-2 loss to the jiangsu women’s volleyball team, in the bottom of the semifinals. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team won the third place, too. Two teams, the end of the game of the season.

Jiangsu hides a true MVP! In 2018, its performance will decide the fate of Chinese women’s volleyball team

the bronze, for Yuan Xinyue, this is not the result of what she wants. In bayi women’s volleyball team, the original four in sight, did not think of the last key to the first world war lost jingzhou, lost to the zhejiang, jiangsu women’s volleyball team into the semi-finals. Move to the jiangsu women’s volleyball team, as the favourites, Yuan Xinyue failed to team to the final again, finally she got only a third.

from the point of team honor, Yuan Xinyue is loser, she go, where seems to be no. However, it is undeniable that Yuan Xinyue individual performance, but without any dispute. In both bayi women’s volleyball team and move to the jiangsu women’s volleyball team, she is an MVP level. As you can see, after joining the jiangsu women’s volleyball team, the importance of Yuan Xinyue even exceeded Zhang Changning, she became the jiangsu women’s volleyball team in the shortest time the real core, this is just the embodiment of strength.

since 2017, Yuan Xinyue completed her second metamorphosis. Is just to join the national team, for the first time since the couple has become the core of the Chinese women’s volleyball team had. Yuan Xinyue today, after the secondary transformation, is the dominant domestic one of the strongest players, unfortunately, only Yuan Xinyue life seems to be no league title, the bayi and jiangsu women’s volleyball women’s volleyball team suffered a defeat.

the third grades, let Yuan Xinyue could not have won the MVP this season, however, is Yuan Xinyue blocked the best this season, has become the strongest scoring ability had this season. Compared with Li Yingying was born more impressive, Yuan Xinyue domestic competition, is the logical rolling, she get 20 points a game has almost become the norm. Jiangsu women’s volleyball final, Yuan Xinyue no responsibility, even in the last game, jiangsu Yuan Xinyue still scored 21 points.

in fact, a Yuan Xinyue, although let jiangsu women’s volleyball team failed to score big reversal, has to see her. In fact many fans hope that Yuan Xinyue can with jiangsu YaJuBei cup women’s volleyball game. Yuan Xinyue tasks in 2018, the world championship contest, is the ultimate goal of Yuan Xinyue. Twila weapon emplacements without question, in fact, is considered the national second sister Yuan Xinyue performance, is expected to decide the fate of the Chinese women’s volleyball team this season.

End of an era! Ding Xia pro bearing the liaoning women’s volleyball team veteran retired more than big plum?

three or four women’s volleyball league over, eventually jiangsu women’s volleyball team won the bronze, the liaoning women’s volleyball team won the fourth. Jiangsu women’s volleyball team aspect, Chen Zhan and Jiang Qianwen officially retired, and liaoning women’s volleyball team this season before the final battle, Ding Xia said: & other; After the game, there are some old team is about to retire, it is with them in the last league together & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Liaoning women’s volleyball team, will also usher in change, maybe we will have to say goodbye to the many veteran.

the liaoning women’s volleyball team currently has many veteran, including YanNi was born in 1987, was born in 1988 of wang yimei, li man born in 1989, dina liu, li Ai tong, after this several 80, should be the best of the YanNi. YanNi currently is not only the liaoning women’s volleyball team’s main force, and it is the main Chinese women’s volleyball team. Considering the trust, lang ping to YanNi believe this championship, YanNi can’t retire, she the real goal for this year’s world championships.

age’s second largest wang yimei, the current situation. Status in the team down, her own injuries and to the point of more serious. Not surprisingly, it is probably wang yimei last season. This season for wang yimei, there are too many stories. Originally has become a big plum fans memories, with outstanding performance to help the liaoning women’s volleyball team into the final four, but because clashed with Ding Xia teacher and pupil, and become the object of the fans love dearly. Wang yimei, really want to retire? We dare not to think, but respect her decision. If wang yimei is retired, we only wish her all the best of luck in the future.

in addition, the main le mans, dina liu, li Ai tong had also along with the age growth in the current competitive force, they are likely to retire. Really retired, of course, depends on their career planning, as well as the requirements of the club. From the liaoning women’s volleyball team’s performance this season, lack of necessary veteran, but there are also many new waiting for succession, Hu Mingyuan performance this season is very attractive.

of course, after the 90 players, because it’s hard for liaoning women’s volleyball team maybe someone, they are the core of the liaoning women’s volleyball team at present power, in the next few years the result depends on their performance. Ding Xia was born in 1990, will become the team a real elder sister type character. She like put, palace, king beauty taken, Hu Mingyuan, sun haiping, their goals, and should be even a foothold in the national team.

The ping women by a Japanese sister consecutive defeat! She has to talk a year ago

women’s singles quarter-finals, China’s against Japan’s ishikawa Wu Yang pure beautiful, start each win a game, then the Japanese attack change under two innings, a sister though Wu Yang didn’t give up, after a short break tenacity fairly solid, but in the end Wu Yang or 2-4 defeat ishikawa pure. At this point, ishikawa pure straight out two Chinese players. DetailPic

last round, Chen Xingtong second challenge Japan’s ishikawa pure beautiful, a sister in is favored to win in this game, surprising Chen Xingtong performance, eventually lost 0 to 4 ishikawa, suffered a tragic loss. Before this, the Chinese team out three consecutive Japanese players, a good ishikawa pure not only stopped exchanges between China and Japan, continuous beat Chen Xingtong and Wu Yang, shows a good competitive force of themselves.

ishikawa pure beautiful debut after has been quite popular with Chinese fans, but often clash with Chinese players, it is very difficult for her to find a way. Ai fukuhara after retirement, ishikawa had a chance to become the leading Japanese table tennis, but last year’s Asian championship, 17 years old young Mr. Hirano mei yu even grams of ding world number one, the second Zhu Yuling and fifth Chen Meng three Chinese players, such as shock, ishikawa, nature is envy.

ishikawa pure said at the time: & other; As a teammate, she can overcome so many Chinese name, also give me a lot of courage and encouragement, and really admire her, think she’s nice, also gave me the best Chinese player in the future of the great courage and confidence! Throughout the &; After the game, ishikawa pure against Chinese players do have a lot of change, although it is difficult to win, but she is not afraid of the Chinese players, when Mr. Hirano mei yu self-confidence losing streak, ishikawa finished instead of pure metamorphosis.

this contest, ishikawa pure beautiful finally started to deliver on their promises, she not only have confidence in the face of China’s, and can win, compared to face Mr. Hirano mei yu, pitches are not familiar with, are we that NvPing several of the main general, in the face of ishikawa seems to be weak. Do, main NvPing out, let’s loss to the ishikawa will be normal? I hope the players continue to work hard.

Ball shame day! 24 hours crazy losing 5 foreign wars

lose, lose, lose, lose, lose! China NvPing, suddenly in the German open setback, 24 hours, we played six foreign wars, losing five games as a result, wiped out. Is not to say that can’t accept NvPing lose, but the loss frequency, is exaggerated and strange, isn’t this just an accident? May not believe it. DetailPic


the German before, if we say, ishikawa pure beautiful beat two Chinese players in the first two rounds of continuous, probably no one would believe, if we say that the Chinese Taipei player cheng i-ching can beat us two players in a row, maybe still no one would believe. However, this is a fact. Ishikawa successive elimination Chen Xingtong and Wu Yang, beat Wen Jia cheng i-ching is continuous and Sun Yingsha. Sin, plus Huang Yingqi lost to Singapore less than 24 hours, five games and other association, China ping all lost.


if you must find some comfort, that is Sun Yingsha 4-3 out Japan’s main force players ITO, sincere. We have to admit that, however, losing 5 6 foreign wars, such is the kingdom of ping, let a person unfamiliar. Perhaps, we can still find reasons, such as ding, liu shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng never came, but the ping can not only by a few people play, as our national sport, the ping’s strength has been strong in whole, but this time, exposed the problem of shortage of reserve talented person.


a long time, the ping is reassuring a project, there is a speech saying well, ping to offend all over the world, but the team’s each & other; Apologize & throughout; , although the words are exaggerated, but often the team’s heart, the ping is always reassuring. But this time, the team’s busy heart, the ping also let the outside world.


of course, we also say that small game is nothing. Yet into Tokyo cycle begins, ping’s performance is always good for a bad, before have swept hirano mei yu, we now have two line-up rout. Man, losing foreign wars have so far is the norm, in addition to Malone, FanZhenDong, Xu Xin, and who can ensure reliable? The ping, need to cheer up.

Wiped out! China NvPing Germany game crash the second round of the collective

as Sun Yingsha 2-4 lost to the Chinese Taipei player cheng i-ching, at this point, China NvPing in German open faced in lordaeron. After just two round, China NvPing all lose, let a person somewhat surprised and shocked.

the Germany match, the Chinese team although not sent ding, liu shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng such major general, but could tell, it still is determined to match so Chen Xingtong, Sun Yingsha teil Wu Yang, manipulation, qiang zhang,,,, 李佳燚, Wen Jia, Huang Yingqi, Fan Siqi together to battle, so look is a powerful team, have met great embarrassment.

qualifiers, the performance of the Chinese player is ups and downs. In the first race, the performance of women began to surprising, highly anticipated Chen Xingtong 4-0 defeat to Japan a good elder sister ishikawa pure, unbearable, Wen Jiaze 4-0 defeat to the Chinese Taipei player cheng i-ching, 16 years old teenager Huang Yingqi is in the case of a 3-1 lead by Singapore veteran sin reversal, three players lose foreign wars, plus an internal battle, with Wu Yang ended in a 4-0 win over Fan Siqi. At this point, into the second round of only Wu Yang Sun Yingsha.

a veteran, a young teenager, although is not good, but does not seem to be as bad as I thought, after all, the two players, have ensured the strength, especially Sun Yingsha, has been hailed as a little devil. However, Waterloo to also can’t stop the next day. In the face of Japan’s ishikawa pure beautiful, c performance comparison, finally 2-4 defeat, as a result, pressure falls to all Sun Yingsha.

Sun Yingsha, in the face of the Chinese Taipei player cheng i-ching, no matter from which point of view, Sun Yingsha promotion hope is bigger, but it happened that the tree only child is ultimately failed to resist pressure, 2-4 defeat, so far, the Chinese women’s singles in lordaeron! You know, this is the second round, our female athletes will all out, no wonder there are fans say: this is our national sport?