Female body fitness exercise program

General guide to women’s diet
1 Control your calorie intake. Your overall calorie intake will determine whether your weight will increase or decrease. Eat too much calories, you will become fat, but eat too little? You will not get muscle and become skinny, such as Chen Luyu. I do not think any man would like Chen Luyu unless he grew up in a pile of firewood.
Usually a 50KG women, a day should take 1650 calories.
2 control your nutritional intake ratio. The same calories, if it is 80% of the 10% protein and 10% of the fat and 40% of the protein 40% of the carbon and 20% fat, you will get completely different results.
Also for a 50KG woman, you should consume 365 grams of protein, 317 grams of carbohydrate and 100 grams of fat.
3 to do a water sample of women. How to say it is to drink more water, at least 8 cups a day, a total of 2.5 liters of water. The biggest advantage of drinking water is to make you feel full, but not eat a lot of food.
4 food quality. Choose fresh food, do not buy those processed foods, processed foods or fast foods usually have too much salt and saturated fat, as well as excess syrups, fructose and grains. You’ll quickly find great fat loss effects if you bring healthy food from home instead of rushing into fast food restaurants or greasy canteens. Can save money is not it?
5 insulin control. Insulin is a storage hormone. Fat burning will slow down as it begins to excrete. By controlling insulin secretion, such as selecting those with low GI carbohydrates, you can reduce body fat. GI is the glycemic index, low GI is low glycemic index of carbohydrates.
Stable blood sugar levels will boost your energy and improve your mood.
6 enough protein. In order to gain muscle, you have to get enough muscle. You may not get used to eating as much protein I recommend, but once you get used to it, you’re very satisfied with your progress.
7 necessary fat. EFA is an essential fatty acid, fat is actually very crucial to our body. In the 80s and 90s is very popular do not eat fat, limit eating fat, eat less fat the better. EFA alone is our body must, and it is good for the body.
Eating fat does not mean long fat. In fact, many EFA will help us burn fat and keep muscle. Do not let yourself eat those good fats. Fatty acids are the components that make up each cell in the body, and they help determine the biological characteristics of these cells. Essential fatty acids, as good fats, are important for cellular health, glandular function, circulation, healthy skin, the sheath, and nerves. Examples of essential fatty acids are Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which can only be taken from food because our bodies do not naturally produce fatty acids. Whole grains, pulses, fresh seeds and nuts, cold water / deep sea fish (salmon, cod, tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc.) are all rich in essential fatty acids. Health supplements, namely flaxseed, fish, evening primrose oil, blackcurrant seed and borage oil are also sources of convenience.
Women should take action
What are the most common women doing in the gym? Aerobic, aerobic or aerobic. In fact, women need to lift heavier to have a beautiful body.
What is the best strength exercise? Combined weight of free weight lifting.
First place, squat
Second place, hard-drawn
Third place, bow step
Fourth place, pull-up
Fifth place, parallel bars flexion and extension
Sixth, bench press
Now let me give you a 12-week plan, I believe most of the women through this plan, can have their own beach figure before the summer.
The first week to the fourth week
Monday: bench press 3 * 8-12; barbell boating 3 * 8-12; dumbbell push 3 * 8-12; lying position three flexion and extension 3 * 8-12; two standing curl 3 * 8-12
Tuesday: Barbell Squat 3 * 8-12; Straight Leg Squat 3 * 8-12; Instrument Leg Flexion 3 * 8-12; Instrument Leg Curl 3 * 8-12; Leg Lift 3 * 8-12; Abdominal leg lift 3 * 10-15; fitness ball sit-ups 3 * 10-15
Thursday: 3 * 8-12 parallel to the flexion and extension of the arm; 3 * 8-12 pull up; 3 * 8-12 dumbbell flat side; 3 * 8-12 three instruments; 3 * 8 -12
Fri: traditional hard-drawn 3 * 8-12; leg lift 3 * 8-12; dumbbell bow and arrow 3 * 8-12; sitting position heel 3 * 8-12; dumbbell shrug 3 * 8-12; Get up 3 * 10-15; Goats stand up 3 * 10-15
Fifth week to eighth week
Monday: bench press 3 * 6-8; barbell boating 3 * 6-8; dumbbell recommended 3 * 6-8; lying position three flexion and extension 3 * 6-8; two standing curl 3 * 6-8
Tuesday: Barbell Squat 3 * 6-8; Straight Leg Squat 3 * 6-8; Instrument Leg Flexion 3 * 6-8; Instrument Leg Curl 3 * 6-8; Leg Lift 3 * 6-8; Abdominal leg lift 3 * 10-15; fitness ball sit-ups 3 * 10-15
Thursday: parallel to the arm flexion 3 * 6-8; pull-up 3 * 6-8; dumbbell side flat 3 * 6-8; three instruments under pressure 3 * 6-8; -8
Friday: traditional hard-drawn 3 * 6-8; leg lift 3 * 6-8; dumbbell bow and arrow 3 * 6-8; sitting position heel 3 * 6-8; dumbbell shrug 3 * 6-8; Get up 3 * 10-15; Goats stand up 3 * 10-15
The ninth week to the twelfth week
Monday: bench press 3 * 4-6; barbell boating 3 * 4-6; dumbbell push 3 * 4-6; lying position three flexion extension 3 * 4-6; two stand up curl 3 * 4-6
Tuesday: Barbell squat 3 * 4-6; Straight leg squat 3 * 4-6; Instrument leg flexion 3 * 4-6; Instrument leg curl 3 * 4-6; Leg heel 3 * 4-6; Abdominal leg lift 3 * 10-15; fitness ball sit-ups 3 * 10-15
Thursday: parallel to the arm flexion and extension 3 * 4-6; pull-up 3 * 4-6; dumbbell side flat 3 * 4-6; three instruments under pressure 3 * 4-6; -6
Friday: traditional hard-drawn 3 * 4-6; leg lift 3 * 4-6; dumbbell bow and arrow 3 * 4-6; sitting position heel 3 * 4-6; dumbbell shrug 3 * 4-6; Get up 3 * 10-15; Goats stand up 3 * 10-15

Professional theory
The most concerned about women in strength training is, “I do not want to become a muscle woman.” I want to say that this is impossible. When men do their best, hormone testosterone will help them to grow muscle massively.
But women’s testosterone in vivo is really too low compared to men.
Male testosterone levels are usually 200-1200 ng / dl, while women only 15-70ng / dl. The gap is huge, ie 200 ng / dl for men with the lowest testosterone levels and more than twice as high as for the top 70 ng / dl women.
And medical research shows that men’s testosterone levels are usually 16.47 times that of women.
So obviously, women’s strength training is absolutely impossible to achieve the same as men’s to increase muscle results. Therefore, afraid of practicing Arnold Schwabah melon completely unfounded.
You may say that there are really women practicing as strong as men and telling you that the real reason is that they have injected exogenous testosterone or other types of drugs.
The consequences of injecting exogenous testosterone in women are horrible. They grow chest hair, lower body fat, become thicker and become chun or brother.
I would like to say these are to emphasize once again that unless you are drug, but also exogenous hormones, women will never become a big strong. This does not mean that there is no muscle in how you practice, but that you are not as muscular as a man. Instead, you will become sexy and tangible.
Now I want to talk about the benefits of fitness, such as having a beautiful back. How important a woman’s back is. Being a mother, a strong back helps you to back your child for a long time. As a wife, when your husband takes you to a dinner party, a backless dress will make your beautiful back bring great pride to him.
Research shows that men and women do not need different training programs. You need to get muscle strength through Xu Lian, so that your appearance is more bodybuilding.
This means that, do not do those light weight, endless strength training, you need to use some heavy weight composite action to challenge themselves. Indeed, doing a set of 15-20 times has some of the benefits of being alone in your muscle that can not be increased.
1-5 times per group, can increase your strength and strength. 6-12 times mainly to enhance muscle dimensions. 12 times or more, can increase endurance.
Some superficial understanding should be done in different groups so that the body does not adapt to a particular group. For example, many people only do 1-5 exercises per group and 12 or more exercises cross-over. You may not be able to gain full muscle growth alone, you should do a weight, you can complete at least 6 but not more than 12 times.
Since men and women can be trained in the same way, then diet? Should women and men eat differently? Not necessarily. The metabolic mechanisms of men and women are consistent, except that women burn more fat than carbohydrates relative to men. So women are more effective if they use a low carb diet.
So women should make some adjustments in the intake of carbon. Women need less carbon than males. Because men have more muscle and less fat.
We have shown that women do not need to be significantly different from men in training and eating. Why do we still see a lot of women in the gym to do a few hours of aerobic, and then use the lightest weight dumbbells continue to do strength training? This is because many people including coaches in the training of women, for a long time there is a huge Misunderstanding
About diet. The most common breakfast recommended to women is yogurt and bananas. Eat yogurt and bananas no problem, just why there is no protein and fatty acid intake?
If you are a woman who wants to be tangible and sexy, you should consume enough protein and good fat (unsaturated fatty acids). It’s time to stop those erroneous fitness ideas and diet recipes, and regain fitness knowledge and see your results.