Guo yu, youdao! Kenneth fok worth billions from female powder: accompany a wife home

& other; The diving queen & throughout; After guo jingjing to marry into giants, the gradually faded, but the sentiment is more and more high. Everyday very loving husband and Kenneth fok, although the high price but never show off, but very ground, when attend some activities, her hair hoop is the most common kind. DetailPic

guo jingjing and Kenneth fok

some netizens said that too, but a lot of netizens promptly, they said what occasion what to wear clothes is a sign of respect, even though wear before build basic skills is not particularly good, but now she has a qualitative leap, attend an activity at a time, she wore a seat on the pink dress of quietly elegant, temperament, may have some female stars are better than none.

guo jingjing

a while ago, guo and Mr Fok took son the sunrise in the streets for flag do in public. 4-year-old huo in the sunrise in the face of a stranger, or rather shy, but in the company of guo couples, bravely to contact with strangers, in addition to do good, and the exercise of its ability to relate to others.

it is a good thing, but a look at the net friend comment is mostly run wide, have discussed the four generation of the rich dude shoes. It is reported, this pair of shoes sold more than 200. Some netizens believe that for the rich, this is really a too ground too cheap shoes. Netizens think, oneself wear dozens of pieces of shoes, guo jingjing is too luxurious for them! The two sides so the debate for a long time.


in fact, let alone guo jingjing is a billionaire, even ordinary people, we take LiangSanBaiKuai buy a pair of good shoes is the norm. Compare other stars buy the clothes for their children’s shoes, you can clearly see the difference!

to attend the event, guo jingjing and Kenneth fok mostly to

simple guo jingjing has been caught Kenneth fok’s heart. Once take part in the interview, Kenneth fok asked & other; how female fans said & lsquo; Marry to marry Kenneth fok & rsquo; The affection of & throughout; , he replied with a smile with his hand rub & other; no chance, I’m getting married! & throughout; The nature of the answer, enough to prove his steadfast, has the sense of responsibility.

Kenneth fok

asked again & other; The most like which city & throughout; When Kenneth fok blurt out: & other; baoding! Because it is a daughter-in-law’s home! & throughout; He also said the most like to eat donkey meat and daughter-in-law home fire! Your mandarin is so good at the beginning in order to wife, the can’t let her learn cantonese, oneself want to learn mandarin . When asked what guo jingjing merit, Kenneth fok said too much.


in fact, on the other hand, this is Mr Guo yu, youdao, already when the mother of two children, still have a yearning for love, also is undivided attention to Kenneth fok, not luxury, but a serious life and living. DetailPic


guo jingjing

guo after retirement, still followed the development of the diving, she won the diving the referee, and accept the training, she understood with effective voice, have to be personally involved and develop good rules.