Japan won two champions league two champions league rout Malone seduction beat China NvPing world champion

the German table tennis open women’s singles final battle, ishikawa Japan a sister beautiful pure win victory over South Korea’s first beauty Xu Xiao NvPing yuan, won two champions Japan this site! ?

the women’s singles, China will NvPing 9 in eight strong war is completely annihilated, Sun Yingsha and Wu Yang eventually failed to kill into four. Women’s singles final stage, Japan and South Korea war, in the end, all the way to beat the ping 2 world champion Chen Xing dowa Wu Yang kill into the finals ishikawa pure win 4-1 defeat Xu Xiao yuan. Both in ishikawa beautiful pure and Xu Xiao yuan is Malone seduction, have publicly expressed a preference for Malone, the men’s singles champion Malone, ishikawa beautiful pure also win hand in photograph reflect with male what dragon!

in the women’s doubles final, Japan early Tian Xina/ITO beauty honestly with a 3-1 victory over South Korea Tian Zhixi/Liang Xia silver, the top women’s doubles championships. Ishikawa beautiful pure won the women’s singles champion is also to ensure that Japan can do NvPing two champion, South Korea NvPing won the two runners-up. China NvPing is 0 0 the end, is a rare defeat defeat!

this site German open, the ping women kept ding, liu shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng, Wang Man yu and so on five big absolute main force for the world championships, failed to win though understandable, no one in four is startling. World championships team, NvPing China will send five big world champions, believe that will surely defeat Japan enemy vengeance regain hegemony!