Olympic champion in Beijing purchase were tricked into He Zi qin kai litigation claims 4 million

the diving Olympic champion goddess He Zi is happy after marry qin kai, already gave birth to her daughter when mom, but recently denounced a liar deception. Originally, He Zi in Beijing to buy a house to pay the deposit, only to be told that can’t transfer in a rage will each other to court! DetailPic

recently, He Zi revealed in weibo suddenly swindled and fumed about the cheats, feel being bullied, she wrote on twitter: & other; The world too much liar and yoriko & hellip; If which day evil triumphs over good & hellip; Also please a lot of attention. Throughout the &; & other; Thank you for your concern, recently met several liar is very helpless, really there is a people good be deceiving. Throughout the &; Net friend also don’t know what is happening in the He Zi, can only express the feeling of comfort, today, He Zi deceived finally surfaced.

according to the legal evening news reported, the Olympic diving champion He Zi building business contract with a Beijing company buy LaiGuangYing Township some houses, houses, however, can’t transfer, so He Zi sellers to court, and lost the 700000 deposit and pay more than 400 ten thousand yuan. Today (March 29) on the morning of the Olympic village in Beijing’s chaoyang court for public hearing the case.

originally, an Olympic champion couple qin kai and He Zi plans to buy a set of marriage room before marriage, both parties have to sign the sale and purchase contract, the contract: housing sale price is 8.25 million, the building has not yet been obtained certificate of ownership of the house, is expected to get time for April 2016. If the sales contract or document signed the exchange, due to the above situation were lifted, cancellation or invalid, the promises people shall be equivalent to the other party for the 50% of the contract price as compensation.

but the seller said finally cannot acquire building property right certificate for personal reasons, unable to deal with the ownership transfer registration of this building. & other; Buy when the other party said the house property card do mortgage, who knows this suite doesn’t have a house property card. Throughout the &; To attend the trial of qin kai mother a bit angry, she said to buy the house value to 800, now has risen nearly doubled, each other should be compensation for no house.

it is understood that to buy a house, He Zi and qin kai xian two houses and a set of houses sold in Beijing, also lost the value-added part of the building. The Olympic champion couple is also angrily to play up the case!