German masters qualifying Cao Yupeng top play again Zhou Yuelong out


Cao Yupeng

on December 21, 2018 German masters snooker qualifier in Barnes Metrodome end of the second day, just open in Scotland won the runner-up Chinese Cao Yupeng compatriots Chen Zifan 5-2 victory over China, together with the cow strong among the top 64 second qualifying round. Zhou Yuelong, peng-fei tian and Li Yuan players defeat to their rivals failed to pass the qualification test.

the German masters of the race of the season next year on January 31 solstice February 4 Tempodrom held in Berlin, the race will be through two rounds of qualifying 32 players to participate. Cao Yupeng against this year in his first round of qualifying Chen Zifan professional couple, this game Cao Yupeng prior the order with a set of 54 points tied, and a 62-60 come back with the first three innings, before halftime Chen Zifan hit 140 large broken.

2 than two draws on both sides, in the second half Cao Yupeng showed last week & other; 147 Sir & throughout; Power to 123, 87 and 88 points scored the next three games in a row, 5 more than 2 get the first round of qualifying victory. Cao Yupeng against this year will be the second qualifying round & other; Champions league crown & throughout; Medalist shawn & middot; Murphy.

cattle strong

to obtain professional qualification in the 2017/18 season strong, in the first round of the German masters qualifying also played a strong performance. Strong opponents, the cow is a welsh veteran Ian & middot; Pulis, cattle zhuang the game in the first inning, respectively in the second and last two innings hit 109, 61 and 93 points, 76 points, and finally 5 to 1 romp. Cow strong will in the second round of the German masters qualifying round against last week had conquered the black player ding junhui lorry & middot; Macleod.

Zhou Yuelong got off, 76 and 74 points under the condition of 2 to 1 lead, Cyprus is player Michael & middot; George wu four games to win, defeat the final 2 to 5 out; Peng-fei tian to hit 77 in 3 to 5 and 59 David & middot; Gilbert. Li Yuan defeat to hit 84 in 3 to 5, 120 points, 72 points, 72 points and 130 points mark & middot; Allen.

other players, with veteran Ken & invite wild card battle middot; Docherty hit three pole 50 +, win over England this season open 5-3 at last four Swiss teenager Alexander & middot; Ur, Bach; & other; A whirlwind & throughout; Jimmy & middot; White at the highest single pole score 67 points, 5-3 victory over world number 16 Anthony & middot; McGill.

jack & middot; Borisov,

Shanghai masters broke into the semi-finals of the England players after 90, seem, 51 points, 70 points in a single pole, 50 points, 59, 62 and 54 points, 5 to 1 victory over Karen & middot; Wilson; From wales & other; 00 after & throughout; Amateur young Jackson & middot; Page, with a single bar 51 points, 73 points, 104 points and 86 points, 5-2 victory over shawn & middot; His promotion the second qualifying round.

21, German masters qualifying will enter the third day, on this day will continue to play in the first round of qualifying Chinese players including Yuan Sijun, slow Fang Xiong, lu haotian, nowisg, zhao tong, li hsing, liang wenbo and mie xiwen, etc. Mine, groom, Robertson and Selma and other top players will also be in the day of qualifying.

No man! Malone lost sun for two 2018 looking forward to making a comeback



the phoenix sports news Beijing time on December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence awards ceremony held in Beijing, in the best male athlete selection of component heaviest, Malone lost to the sun, for defending. This year, Malone’s performance is still good, but unfortunately, this may be related to two factors, one is the tournament back, the second is the year-end lost the world first throne.

the Rio Olympics last year, Malone won the men’s singles champion, he was officially declared king began to reign. From then on, Malone become invincible in the game. In 2017, is also a harvest year for Malone. Dusseldorf, Germany 2017 world championships, beat FanZhenDong Malone won the championship, in fact, FanZhenDong distance are close but Malone pick up the slack.

the national games men’s singles match, Malone won the champion again, and this time FanZhenDong Malone did not give any chance. Malone has not only realized the national games men’s singles title, but also became the first repeat in the history of the national games men’s singles champion player.

however, Malone in the China’s top ten best male athlete selection Lawrence lost to the sun, perhaps with Malone’s two & other; The stain & throughout; The relevant. In June this year ping, Malone and teammates who has out of the race. And, Malone lost the world, now, Germany will be the just love lock the throne of the world no. 1 January 2018, means that China NanPing captain Malone topped the world’s record for 34 months in a row was interrupted.

but for Malone, was not the prize may be less important. In 2017, Malone invincible in the game, and over the counter, Ma Longze harvest the crystallization of their love. Now, Malone is a father. In February, 2018 table tennis World Cup team competition will be held in London, including China, men and women all 12 teams will compete at the four-day. As China’s top leader, Malone forward to create brilliant. When zhou kai


Boxing champion crossover singer song sing Rap zou shiming detonated awards

on the evening of December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence champion award ceremony was held in Beijing, the grand ceremony broadcast on optimal letter used car name, mengniu (read CiAn Sue, Kyoto, longling Huang Longyu, shenzhou car brands such as strategic partners also give strong support. This festival is not only the sun, wang hao, Su Bing etc. The most popular sports stars in China, and huang xiaoming, shang wenjie, JiKeJuan escape entertainment such as red star presence. The opening show link, the boxing champion zou shiming was first singer crossover, which brings a Rap to detonate, passion Rap drew gasps and applauses, is that sentence: not sing Rap Olympic champion is not a true champion.


do you have a freestlye? With recent Rap shows blaze, queer wu has detonated Rap domestic hot, but I didn’t know that on the ring on the surface of the power and prestige eight zou shiming are Rap fans, as a prelude to show zou shiming, a just took all the limelight. Although the strength of the boxing champion already to obtain public recognition, but few people know, zou shiming have a sexy lazy voice. A blend of all the list of candidates Lawrence Rap “only you make me the wind drifting in a flash to light the whole ceremony scene, the scene has fans ridicule, & other; Zou shiming entertainment industry in these two years didn’t white mix! Throughout the &; More fans to actively support zou shiming into music. DetailPic

zou shiming passion sing Rap

the invited 2017 top ten Lawrence champion prize awards, for the king, be pleasantly surprised. Last year he took the 10 best Lawrence & other; Best not throughout the project &; The trophy. Although he didn’t win this year, but he has brought more surprises, from a song, we seem to see the Chinese athletes in 2017.

in 2016, zou shiming is brilliant, be plain sailing. But in 2017 for the boxing champion zou shiming, is destined to be extraordinary one year. Zou shiming down from the 2013 Olympic Games transformation into professional boxing, it is destined to Chinese boxing mentoring need him to transfer, the flag of the Chinese boxing needs him to carry, the flag of Chinese professional sports also want him to carry! This year, however, an accident of zou shiming defeated, can not help worrying, he can hold up again, but at the awards ceremony, zou shiming in songs expressed his love of sport and the confidence to oneself, as the lyrics say & other; Ye xi xi my team! My king, ye xi xi! & lsquo; & rsquo;

zou shiming won the Olympic champion, but for the love of professional boxing, he resolutely abandoned all the halo and honor on the road, through repeated practice to pursue the road of professional boxing. Now when he won one gold belt, for the Chinese in professional boxing get more honors, obviously, he don’t want to give up the love. And he also wanted to use their own actions inspire other players are not afraid of losing, not afraid of setbacks, continue to chase every dream, for the Chinese sports for the more honor.

a lot of netizens think, however, in recent years, many sports stars transformation entertainment star was a great success, and has repeatedly in the variety show on the mirror of the king, and his wife and children were the general audience, now a song singing Rap may open zou shiming is a new chapter in the music. DetailPic

RanYingYing zou shiming’s wife also attend

in recent years, as China’s athletes in the world is more and more excellent performance, China’s sports status continuously improved, also let more people see the prize-giving grand ceremony of the China’s sports glory and greatness, and all the athletes and the positive energy of a dream transfer. Just like the lyrics said & other; Ye xi xi my team! Throughout the &;

“The award for top 10 best male athlete Lawrence fans cheering

on December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence champion prize awards ceremony, the ceremony by the optimal letter used car name to broadcast, mengniu (read CiAn Sue, Kyoto, longling Huang Longyu, shenzhou car brands such as strategic partners also give strong support. This festival is not only the sun, wang hao, Su Bing etc. The most popular sports stars in China, and huang xiaoming, shang wenjie, JiKeJuan escape entertainment such as red star presence, witness to the 2017 China sports moment of glory.

as the most competitive awards, the best male athlete has always been the focus of the audience the most, in the end, the sun beat Malone won the 2017 China top ten Lawrence best male athlete award. When the presenters announced that moment, the sun’s fans completely released his excitement, cheers the screams, like a big concert!

sun have a top ten best male athlete award Lawrence

optimal letter used CMO nature conservancy council came to power for the sun the

when to deliver their acceptance speech, he first of all to thank the support has been his fans and family, also thanks to his team. Is their support to avail themselves of such achievement today! At the same time, he also said that as a good athlete, in every time after the brilliant achievements, need their own state of mind to zero, to position himself in a competitor’s. Can’t because of the achievements of indulgence, not forget that the beginner’s mind!

he said that as a Chinese athlete, honor for countries to keep faith, make its own contribution for the Chinese sports cause. At the end of the speech, he also to their junior expressed his expectation, hope they can uphold their own faith, hard work, one day it will stand to the highest summit!

Deserves it! “A good man without controversy conquer us swimming at home and abroad in 2017


the phoenix sports news Beijing time on the evening of December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence champion prize award ceremony, he gains weight heaviest award for best male athlete. In 2017, he conquered the three major events, from the domestic championship to Budapest world championships, and then to the national games. Sun, 26, was Phelps veteran, but has become a pit of legend.

although not Olympic year, but the sun in 2017 was also busy, in April, the domestic championship, just to warm up for sun, he started, he swept all from 100 meters to 1500 meters freestyle gold medal, a strong won 5 gold, especially since the 100 title, is full of surprises. If this proves that the sun take part in the short, also can challenge NingZeTao.

of course, for the sun, the most glorious moment in 2017 from the world swimming championships in Budapest. 400 – meter freestyle, sun realized three successive championships. 200 m freestyle final, sun 39 1 minute and 44 seconds to set the Asian record kept by himself, winning the championship. This proves that the sun is still king in today’s freestyle.

he is 26 years old, from the point of age, he should have gone downhill. But the sun its own efforts and hard work, still keep their own status in the peak, this let a person respect. World 800 m freestyle, the sun only received 5, he cried, because he was so tired.

just rest for a month, the national games, national games in tianjin, the sun to get 6 gold, 1 silver, he became the most Olympic Games won the gold medal athletes. Now, sun, 26, has become China’s sports living legend, even, said he is YouYongShi on one of the greatest athletes in China, this also is not hyperbole.

this time, the sun beat Malone won the award for China’s top ten Lawrence champion, is deserved. This is the first time he won the award, is also a kind of motivation. After three years of Tokyo, sun looking legend continue. When zhou kai


China sports days! Ding won best female athlete achievement 2017 grand slam




the phoenix sports Beijing time on December 20th, China’s top ten Lawrence champion prize presentation ceremony, the best female athletes, ding elected, she became the strengthening of China’s sports. Ding has realized the possibility cause in 2017, she won the prize.

ding in Dusseldorf in 2017 world championships in two won the women’s singles, women’s doubles champion, has won the women’s singles gold medal in the national games, implementation of the Olympic Games and national games, world championships and World Cup & other; Grand slam & throughout; . Now, she is not only China’s top female elder sister, or a Chinese sports a elder sister.

world championships final, ding teammates Zhu Yuling, 2-1 behind, ding shows the world’s top level, she always sophisticated psychological quality and durable not dangerous toughness beat his opponent, won the third colby lun cup of the individual, is also the third person after deng yaping, wang nan.

although national games is the domestic game, but the difficulty of the gold medal winners as the Olympic Games and world championships, the previous national games, ding a shock defeat to Chen Meng stop eight strong, this year’s national games, ding beat liu shiwen under pressure in the final. After the gold medal, ding became after deng yaping, wang nan, zhang yining and li xiaoxia, fifth & other; Grand slam & throughout; Winner.

in the history of Chinese table tennis, only 6 people finish from international to domestic & other; Grand slam & throughout; , following deng yaping, wang nan, zhang yining, Malone, li xiaoxia, ding has achieved this feat by this year.

more let a person praise, stadiums, ding also as a foreign access to national flag bearer, messengers, efforts to promote table tennis. As China’s NvPing absolute core, ding was elected. Ding is 27 years old, but she still has more honor can strive for, three years after the Tokyo Olympic Games, she will still be the NvPing number one in China. When zhou kai