Women’s volleyball team strongest 18 tired! Brave and no longer can still over the south Korean foreign aid

tianjin women’s volleyball team 3-0 reversal, let the Shanghai women’s volleyball team will score draw 2 than two draws. Encountered such a reversal, the biggest reason is played poorly Li Yingying, this one game, her full 40 buckle 17, 18 points.

Li Yingying

Li Yingying is doing his best, she played. Was left behind in the team, it is her stand up, for the tianjin women’s volleyball team. For example, the first game start stage, she stormed 4 consecutive successful, help the tianjin women’s volleyball team to 9 to 10. And as the fourth game, Li Yingying 4 offensive goons out, help the team to 18.

however, Li Yingying brace, no longer a game scoring in double performance did not again. In particular, for the second time, she obviously let a person feel a little overwhelmed. The fourth after she help tianjin women’s volleyball team back to 18 flat, another 4 storm, the large oblique line out. After that, Li Yingying went on the offensive end stealth.

on the pitch, Li Yingying obviously let a person feel tired. When a timeout Li Yingying left shoulder need to use ice ice compress. Before the game, coach Chen Youquan said, & other; Li Yingying attack number is more, the shoulder to respond. Throughout the &;

indeed, as the tianjin women’s volleyball team’s offensive core, Li Yingying carry too many offensive. First, buckled Li Yingying 52, achieved a staggering 79 times a second, third her button again 71 times, such attack amount to Shanghai south Korean foreign aid gold soft scene is from sigh.

Li Yingying spell, but she, after all, not a robot, and was only 18 years old. Overuse, Li Yingying no longer brave also is very normal. But even so, Li Yingying personal performance is not loss to golden soft scene. Especially in the offensive end, Li Yingying threat significantly over the south koreans.

the game king soft smashing 25 times of scene had 14 points. Such attack points won, let a person have to say before the world’s best really old. Especially, in the presence of Li Yingying.

Shanghai has a magic weapon to find! Tianjin attack hand connected 0 take what to boom has spring bud

the Shanghai women’s volleyball team 3-0 victory over tianjin women’s volleyball team, the game once again into the same starting line. For Shanghai women’s volleyball team, they take the victory of the first four, seems to have found the key to the win. Because of the tianjin women’s volleyball team is a team that didn’t meet & hellip; & hellip;

2-2 draw with

of course, said the tianjin women’s volleyball team did not meet, some exaggerated. The truth is, however, the tianjin women’s volleyball team’s main force meet yi, and already connected 0. Familiar with the volleyball fan knows, meet is the hands of attack of the volleyball game, and not free and setter! However, yi was scoreless. As you can see, the tianjin women’s volleyball team defeated 3-0, tianjin scored the game only 5 people, if not Yao Di 1 points, scored only four people, horrible, so to speak.

in the face of a team of “not scoring ability, it becomes easy to win their might. Limit Li Yingying with annabell is difficult, but the Shanghai women’s volleyball as long as to ensure the main fire, spring buds with his ability, however, the victory is understandable. The first world war and spring buds with 16 points, her status back to yong, Shanghai women’s volleyball team won. Play, spring buds his troubled take only 4 points, thus lost the Shanghai women’s volleyball team.

we may say, Shanghai women’s volleyball team has found the key to win. As long as have spring buds can keep soft gold and scene the same firepower, tianjin women’s volleyball team is hard to say on the boom in the last laugh. In fact, the tianjin women’s volleyball team into the finals is the miracle, who knows, this team by Li Yingying is strong. Although there are now annabell, but meet location is still gloomy.

of course, standing in the point of view of the Chinese women’s volleyball team meet the throughout the country, is a & other; Forgiving & throughout; . Once spring bud good sword sharp enough. Good, but Yang Fang xu injuries, Gong Xiangyu ups and downs, others? There is currently no special grab an eye to see the players. Perhaps, Chinese women’s volleyball team want to contest the result, still have to depend on twila represented the main attack. Also have fans advice, Li Yingying can adjust to meet to relieve the pressure?

Tianjin defeated but women’s volleyball team to meet good! Li Yingying milestones formally after receiving

women’s volleyball team in Shanghai and tianjin women’s volleyball game 4, eventually ended in the tianjin women’s volleyball 3-0 reversal. The game, the Shanghai women’s volleyball team played the level, the tianjin women’s volleyball team lose no discretion. For Li Yingying, of course, the game she ushered in the milestone, season scoring more than 700 points, to create a new history. And most crucially, Li Yingying receiving formal, fought about she won’t pick up receiving.

Li Yingying

Li Yingying is undoubtedly the women’s volleyball team of the season’s biggest surprises, she has been smash and leading the league in scoring, three wars, before the final Li Yingying ensures that the tianjin women’s volleyball team score enough combat power. But game 4 performance slightly silence, completed 40 times spiking, successful, 17 had 18 points, this is still the highest score. At this point, Li Yingying season scoring 700 formally agreed, this is a laudable honor.

of course, more surprising than the score is, after receiving the formal start of Li Yingying! In tianjin women’s volleyball team’s system, Li Yingying before don’t need to pass, so about Li Yingying won’t after receiving a lot. Therefore, Li Yingying can only stand up and tell the outside world, she will pass it on the training. Seeing is believing, Li Yingying pass level of legend, in the game show, although just & other; Appearance & throughout; , it is impossible to make a whole evaluation, but you can see her foundation is good, is also in place.

for Chinese women’s volleyball team, this is the biggest surprise. Because in lang ping’s international system, main pass is needed, and even have 6 round pass level players. Before Li Yingying challenged with the most is not pass, so don’t she lang ping. Now, the tianjin women’s volleyball girls, really liked, pass? Something.

a: look, Li Yingying will not only scoring, will pass, and so young, and even how don’t win it this season, who can stop her into the national team to show their talent. Li Yingying, how many pleasantly surprised, we can look forward to? From outstanding spiking to common defense and serve, and now can pass, block? Li Yingying may also can prove to the world.

Japan won two champions league two champions league rout Malone seduction beat China NvPing world champion

the German table tennis open women’s singles final battle, ishikawa Japan a sister beautiful pure win victory over South Korea’s first beauty Xu Xiao NvPing yuan, won two champions Japan this site! ?

the women’s singles, China will NvPing 9 in eight strong war is completely annihilated, Sun Yingsha and Wu Yang eventually failed to kill into four. Women’s singles final stage, Japan and South Korea war, in the end, all the way to beat the ping 2 world champion Chen Xing dowa Wu Yang kill into the finals ishikawa pure win 4-1 defeat Xu Xiao yuan. Both in ishikawa beautiful pure and Xu Xiao yuan is Malone seduction, have publicly expressed a preference for Malone, the men’s singles champion Malone, ishikawa beautiful pure also win hand in photograph reflect with male what dragon!

in the women’s doubles final, Japan early Tian Xina/ITO beauty honestly with a 3-1 victory over South Korea Tian Zhixi/Liang Xia silver, the top women’s doubles championships. Ishikawa beautiful pure won the women’s singles champion is also to ensure that Japan can do NvPing two champion, South Korea NvPing won the two runners-up. China NvPing is 0 0 the end, is a rare defeat defeat!

this site German open, the ping women kept ding, liu shiwen, Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng, Wang Man yu and so on five big absolute main force for the world championships, failed to win though understandable, no one in four is startling. World championships team, NvPing China will send five big world champions, believe that will surely defeat Japan enemy vengeance regain hegemony!

Won two champions league! Ping in Germany out of the limelight The ping second team lose take orally


Beijing time on March 25, in the German open women’s singles final, ishikawa beautiful pure 4-1 victory over South Korea players Xu Xiao yuan, this competition day ping won a second title, won the women’s singles and women’s doubles championships. And the before day ping, ping two team lose take orally, especially the women’s singles, ishikawa pure beautiful ping player beat the two countries.

this competition, the ping basic & other girls; Give up & throughout; Though, no teammates in women’s doubles, women’s singles sent a number of players, such as ding, liu shiwen but didn’t play trump card.

the ping women did not attach importance to the German open, the day ping women in Germany. Women’s doubles match, ITO beauty honestly/early Tian Xina 3-1 defeat in the final Tian Zhixi/Liang Xia silver, won the day ping’s first title in Germany. The next women’s singles, ishikawa beat Xu Xiao pure yuan. DetailPic

, so to speak, in the case of the ping girls 2 teams, ping out of the limelight, of course, the ping to convince them second team is going to lose, after all, ishikawa beautiful pure beat Wu Yang win on the road and Chen Xingtong ping, the two countries, against Chen Xingtong, ishikawa beautiful pure also implements the 4-0 sweep.

of course, day ping won two champions league also not worth celebrating, after all, look at ping’s men, they sent the strongest line-up, but the ping sent Malone, Xu Xin two masters, will, ping’s men kneel. Therefore, to measure, ping ping is the overall strength, and countries of the Chinese table tennis lead is very big still.

Yogurt diet error

Yogurt diet is a very popular weight loss method on the Internet. It not only has good taste, but also is very simple and convenient to implement. The most important is that it can relieve constipation by regulating the balance of bacteria in the body and promoting gastrointestinal motility. So has been deeply favored by female friends. However, the effect of yoghurt diet is good, but it is not as simple as it looks, if you accidentally stray into these yoghurt diet mistakes, must not lose weight!

Yogurt diet has become the hottest way to lose weight because it is simple, easy to use, and effective. Yogurt is a beverage with high nutritional value in dairy products. Although this diet method can provide calcium and help obese people to lose weight, it does not affect the body composition such as muscles and internal organs other than fat, so it does not have any adverse effect on people with normal or low body weight. If you drink an extra two cups of yoghurt between meals and in the evening, you can also help people who are underweight to improve nutrient absorption and increase weight.

Use yoghurt to lose weight must pay attention to avoid falling into error

Yogurt diet error 1. Yogurt lose weight better

Yogurt is a kind of food. After eating, it will be digested and turned into heat for the human body. Although the heat of yogurt is not high, the amount of calories accumulated after eating more should not be underestimated. Excessive consumption of yogurt can easily cause hyperacidity, affect the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reduce appetite, and destroy the body’s electrolyte balance. In particular, usually over-acid, often feel the spleen and stomach Deficiency, abdominal distension, but also can not eat too much.

Yogurt diet error 2. Use yogurt instead of pure milk

Yogurt fermented by pure milk in addition to retaining all the nutrients of fresh milk, lactic acid bacteria in the fermentation process can also produce a variety of vitamins necessary for human nutrition, such as VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12 and so on. People will think that yogurt is more nutritious than pure milk, and yogurt tastes richer than pure milk, and some people will use yogurt instead of pure milk. In fact, from a nutrition perspective, the difference between the two is not great. For some lactose-intolerant people, drinking yogurt may be a good choice. For people with spleen and stomach and hyperacidity, drinking pure milk will be better. In short, yoghurt and pure milk have their advantages, and neither can replace them.

Misunderstanding of yogurt diet 3. Drink yogurt after meals to help digestion

When eating too much, people will think of a cup of yogurt to help digestion and solution. Indeed, drinking yogurt after meals can help digestion. But this is not to say that you should drink yogurt immediately after dinner. Food is taken into the digestive system according to the order in which it is eaten. If you drink yoghurt immediately after eating, the yogurt cannot be digested immediately. The yoghurt itself is full of satiety, which in turn will make the abdomen feel more full. Use yoghurt to lose weight, and drink yogurt after one hour after dinner is appropriate.

Yoghurt diet misunderstanding 4. Treat yogurt as drink

Although yogurt is known as a “longevity drink,” it’s not bad. The effect of yoghurt slimming and beauty is really not bad, but watching many people taking yoghurt every day as a drink really makes people worry! As the saying goes, “Just too late”, yogurt is not a beverage, and we must not drink it in order to lose weight quickly. Want to lean fast, Xiao Bian strongly recommends that everyone use the auxiliary thin, the most classic lean brand Amywish, I believe we are very familiar with. The newly-launched new series of quick-action suits is not only rich in imported enzymes and pomegranate fruit extracts of carnitine, but also added a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber ingredients to make them more efficient and fat-reducing. .

Yogurt diet error 5 fasting yogurt

It is not good to drink yogurt on an empty stomach because the pH of the gastric juice is between 1 and 3 in normal conditions. When the stomach is empty, the gastric juice is acidic and the pH is below 2. It is not suitable for the growth of active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. Only when the PH value in the stomach is relatively high can lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt be fully grown and beneficial to health. About two hours after a meal, people’s stomach juice is diluted, the PH value will rise to 3-5, at this time to drink yogurt, the absorption of nutrients which are most beneficial.

Although the effect of yoghurt diet is good, but everyone must pay attention to several major misunderstandings about yoghurt diet when drinking yoghurt, so that the fat burning effect can be maximized.