What to do if you have eye bags

Eye bags should be repaired as soon as possible. Since the eyelids are thin, they will become more apparent with age.


Eat more vitamin A and B foods such as carrots, potatoes, and soy products. Have plenty of sleep and drink less at night. Do not blink or blink your eyes often.

Usually with cucumber and apple slices for eye masks, it is also able to ease a little.

Do not stay up late, sleep time should be sufficient.

Care should be taken when nursing because the skin of the eye is thin and unpleasant eye cream is used, which will increase the burden.

The green tea leaves that you normally drink can be wrapped in gauze and put in the refrigerator. Apply it to your eyes in the morning to ease it temporarily.

There are many ways to go to the eyelid surgery. If you use a simple electric wave to the bags under the eyes, then you do not need to repair, and if you want to go to the bags under a long recovery time, you can use the incision method to go bags under the eyes.

Of course, the time to go to the pouch depends on the condition of the individual’s body, as well as the post-operative care, etc. It is also important and will also affect the recovery time. People with different physiques have different recovery time for eye bag surgery. Each person needs to actively cooperate with nursing to ensure that surgery is effective for a short time. 1, before the eye bag incision is not removed, should pay attention to not let the wound water, to maintain a certain degree of clean, to avoid the phenomenon of infection. 2, go to the eye bag 2 days after surgery to use the ice pack to local cold, to avoid bleeding wounds, reduce eye edema, if bleeding is more than immediately go to the hospital for examination. 3, after surgery to rest in a quiet environment, to raise the head when sleeping, to avoid the head is too low to make the wound swollen more serious, the daily diet is also very important, just eat more protein containing food Eat more fruits and vegetables, which will make the wound better.

If the problem of eye bags is not solved in time, with the increase of age, the accumulation of fat near the lower eyelids will be more and more, and the pressure of the skin will increase, just like a bag filled with water. Over time, the skin will be loose. At this time, only Can remove some of the fat at the same time, remove part of the skin to solve the problem of bags under the eyes, that is through the outer incision. It is cut 2-3 mm away from the edge of the lower eyelid eyelashes to remove excess blepharoplasty, orbicularis oculi and loose lower eyelid skin. After the compression dressing, the swelling and congestion were basically eliminated in about one week. The incision is hidden and it is generally not visible.

1, and the method of choice: the principle of each method is different, the price will be different, such as how much money and non-surgical ultrasound is different.

2, and our choice of hospitals related to: hospitals, how much money will go to eye bags surgery will be different, small beauty agencies and regular professional hospitals to the bags under the eyes is not the same, the effect is also a world of difference, so to Want to have a good effect, it is necessary to choose a formal beauty agency.

3, and the patient’s own degree: If the patient’s bags under the eyes is not particularly serious, then the price is not a lot, that is to say, each person’s symptoms are not absolutely the same.

4, related to the doctor’s choice: If you choose a doctor, it may be more expensive. However, under normal circumstances, every hospital has established standards, so everyone should not worry about it.

After removal of the bags under the eyes, the eyelids are smooth, without wrinkles, and the skin is radiant. In addition, the skin incision does not usually have any surgical marks. A small number of patients will have early redness and mild scar hyperplasia, which usually disappears in about 1-3 months. . The bag removal effect can last for at least 15 years. Surgical eyelid bags are not a particularly large operation, but they require a very delicate operation. The preoperative operation depends on the condition of the affected person’s jaw, such as the degree of skin and rim muscle relaxation, the number of wrinkles, the increase in herniated fat, or herd output. To determine the surgical method. In order to ensure the effect: remove bags under the eyes and jaw wrinkles. Remove eye bags after surgery can be supplemented with photorejuvenation, consolidate the effect of surgery, and can smooth fine wrinkles, shrink large pores, significantly improve the condition of facial skin roughness improve skin elasticity, is the effect of compact skin, restore smooth skin.

Girls fitness advantages and common problems

Girls are not yoga, dancing, pilates and treadmills! As the fitness style blows bigger and bigger, most girls begin to walk into the gymnasium. They pursue the beauty of health power and begin to love the iron barbell and the barbell like the boys.
Today we want to talk to you about some of the strengths and weaknesses of girls in weight training!
Can girls become stronger and stronger?
I believe many people’s impression is that no matter how girls practicing than boys, however, really! Girls power of the muscles inherently difficult to develop than some men, such as the same is the Olympic weightlifter (same level), girls can not be heavier than boys!
Although women may be somewhat disadvantaged in their natural condition, you can see that they have grown up and are even stronger than the average male. You can see that many girls and girls are as easy as they are to eat.

2. Many women have very good mobility in the joints of the body, but lack the ability to control the body.
Most girls will be good flexibility and activity will be good, which makes you a lot less training and learning to block the action! However, the relative stability will be less with!
Compared with boys, women may take more time to learn to control the body, and this is a major focus of training.
Learn how to properly control the body, to maintain stability, will bring good training results. Some female students have a sports background, which will help them to shorten the study time. However, not everyone has such experience. Therefore, we recommend to the general female to learn from the most basic and simple actions.

Four suggestions for novice female strength training!

What is the definition of strength training novice?
Strength training novices refer to the regular use of mechanical equipment for training, or useful free weights, but have not learned the correct skills, and do not often do barbell and free-hand training of people.
Even if you have been in the gym for many years, then do some biceps triceps training at the gym, use a Smith machine to do squats and other exercise machines, you are still a novice. In short, if you are unable to perform some basic actions correctly (or you are not sure if your skills are correct) such as squatting, hard lifting, push-ups, shoulder pushing, lunging, pull-ups, etc. Article is written for you.
Now let’s take a look at a few training tricks for a novice female strength trainer!

Learn the right action
This is very, very important, and when you begin your training, you must take the time to learn how to do it correctly. Do not let yourself learn the wrong posture from the outset, and finally get rid of bad habits difficult.
For beginners, your only concern is your quality of action! Squatching whether to maintain stable and neutral torso, the correct center of gravity, whether to use the power of the hip; bench press whether to ensure the stability of the shoulder strap, whether it can control the movement of the barbell, exercise back to the time Proper back muscles rather than arms … These are the need to take the time to learn!
The best way is to find a reliable coach to help you learn the motor skills to help you adjust the action!

2. Wholeheartedly practice the basic movements
If you finally decided to begin strength training, during the first months of training, focus on the basic exercises.
Each basic action must have a way to remember the operation, just want to see if you want to recite formulas (or what martial arts secrets), is a good idea of ​​six formulas, or 20 easy to remember when your body began to do weight training When, is the same reason, there is no need to let your body suddenly remember too much action, this does not have much benefit.
Help yourself a favor, strength training in the early days, let yourself focus on a few basic movements like, through the basic movements of training, you can be familiar with skills and slowly increase strength.
The basic actions are as follows:
Squat / deadlift / pull-out or pull-down / boating / bench press / shoulder push
These are the most basic actions, if you are a novice gifted, you can also add lunge / bridge / and so on! These movements can train your whole body muscles, while eating more fish!
Do not think you need to learn a few different actions to stimulate your muscles, or do too many single joint exercises (curl, three extensions) to train each individual muscle. As a novice you should focus on the basic composite action training, hone their skills at the same time, but also become more strong at the same time.

3 to know that they will not “change too much”
What kind of situation will make you look “big only”?
The answer is, too much body fat !!!
Remember, having a muscle does not make you look “big” or “fat.” Do not worry, you’re going to be a horrible muscle!
Strength training allows you to build muscle, improve metabolic rate, body fat burning, so you get your eyes compact and compact body.

Focus on getting yourself strong
Regardless of your main goal, focus your attention on making yourself stronger, rather than thinking about six muscles or bottomless waistline.
Focusing on empowerment is not only the best way for novices to get training, but it can also greatly inspire people. The strength of a novice usually goes very fast during the early stages of training, and a little bit of a weekly drop becomes stronger and is a positive improvement
When you are able to master basic moves, you should give yourself some challenges to make yourself stronger! Most girls are still stuck in the world raised 5 pounds pink dumbbells, this training will not bring any change to you!
Boys and girls training is no different, not to think some people say the girls a small number of times like a small weight, the decision is the line of muscle mass and body fat rate, and you want to get muscle you have to challenge the weight

190 pounds of girls run counter-up into a goddess successfully refused to replace her boyfriend

In 2014 November, fat girl goddess Xia Yan completely fire, February 8, 2015 Tencent news article, let her a fire again. Although she was just a fourth-grade student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Anqing Normal University, her weight-loss counter-attack turned into a big beauty. However, she repeatedly lauded and lauded her. From 190 pounds to 100 pounds, People feel amazing.

Has been mistaken by the teacher as a “test”

The most interesting experience is that, when sophomore sophomore to attend the teacher qualification exam, came up with two years ago ID card, the examiner teacher waved repeatedly, saying “go out”, engage in a long time to know that the original identity Differences between the photo and the real photo is too large, was as a “test.” Xia Yan dumbfounding, only to take pictures of her body changes during weight loss, explain to the teacher ten minutes before being put into the examination room.

“I did not expect to see a big fat girl wearing a large size menswear for over a decade and a day in a dresses.” The weight loss success has brought her more than just appearance changes, but also made her work more confident and courageous. “While losing weight this experience pains, but honed my willpower, to do the best, never again, as before, halfway.”

From the sophomore do not want money at home

Xia Yan now become independent strong, and more courage to try more things, “I never asked since the sophomore had a penny, tuition and living expenses are earned by themselves.” Send leaflets, tutoring, To do a flat model, when a fitness coach, to participate in commercial performances, in the gallery as a guide, she is like a top like every day are busy turn around. Sophomore part-time job to save the money usually, summer Yan and partners opened a florist shop, in order to save money, decoration is their hands-on.

In addition to the florist, XIA Yan relies on his personal contacts accumulated during previous commercial performances and has set up a public relations planning company with his classmates to plan publicity activities for enterprises and public institutions around Anqing and provide etiquette services and wall painting projects.

After several years of struggle, Xia Yan in addition to do not spend money at home, usually with their own money to buy gifts to parents, and since last year’s Spring Festival, she began to bring money to honor their parents.

Because of fat, was fainted was sent to the emergency room

“When I was a kid, if I had to bully me and scolded me, I would still have to go back.” Because she was a big man and practiced martial arts, her peers of the same age generally could not beat her for a long time and no one even considered her as a woman Children, and even directly called her “tomboy”, Xia Yan use this powerful way to protect their fragile heart.

Because of fat, Xia Yan often can not buy the right clothes, and can only wear large size men’s clothing and customized clothes forever. A short hair, can not tell the gender of clothes, go out shopping with my mother, Xia Yan always be mistaken for a boy. When she was in high school, she chose to study fine art. Every day, her head bowed for a long time, putting a lot of pressure on the cervical spine. Coupled with obesity and fat accumulation, her nerves were more compressed, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain. She often developed dizziness and collapsed Enter the emergency room twice.

Running, help her lose weight success

After the college entrance examination ended, in order to be able to enter the university with a new image, Xia Yan determined to begin to lose weight. For three years, Xia Yan did not drink carbonated drinks, thirsty only drink boiled water and a small amount of yogurt; at least two and a half hours each day to maintain the amount of exercise, running is one of her main sports options.

She used to be a 190-kilogram fat man who has now become a beauty coach with a 170cm body weight and a body weight of only 50kg and a vest line through scientific exercise and tenacity.

After weight loss success, Xia Yan and then go to high school classmates, and take the initiative to say hello to high school students, the students do not know her, “Everyone said that no one in the previous class, ah, who is it?” It turned out that this Is once the “big fat girl” Xia Yan.

After losing, someone advised her to change her boyfriend

Xia Yan also harvested love. Her boyfriend Liu Ya is her classmate, has served as monitor, school student union chairman, received first-class scholarship for three consecutive years, won the national scholarship, the national inspirational scholarship. This guy from Suzhou farmhouse simple and honest guy, he and Xia Yan together as a class cadre to establish a deep friendship, and soon developed into love.

At that time, Xia Yan or a fat 140 kg weight chubby sister.

Throughout the university, Xia Yan and Liu Ya have been learning than the two have been all kinds of certificates plus more than 40 pieces.

Xia Yan said Liu Ya is her first boyfriend, “because before the fat, no one will chase me.” Now become a slim goddess, some people advise her to find a boyfriend, have been rejected by her, “he told me Very well, responsible and motivated. “She tried hard to persuade her parents.

Women’s bodybuilding must-read: the most complete 38 kinds of breast beauty

Basic common sense: the standard of the world recognized the United States
According to reliable survey data show that 34B size chest is the perfect world aesthetic standards can accept the chest. Of course, in addition to the size of the breast firm, full is also very important.
And to ensure the fullness of the chest, in addition to women’s own pituitary gland and ovarian estrogen secretion, the amount of free fat is also an important factor in determining the perfect chest or not, which is why whenever you lose weight (diet food) When, regardless of the real success or failure, the cup will drop the number one reason.
(A) diet: fruits and vegetables milk fish can be breast-feeding
1, papaya, fish, meat and milk and other foods rich in protein (protein foods), can breast.
2, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernel, sesame and corn and other seeds and nuts, is an effective breast food, may wish to eat more.
3, orange, grape (grape food), grapefruit and tomatoes and other foods containing vitamin C, to prevent chest deformation.
4, celery, walnuts and red kidney beans and other foods containing vitamin E, will help the chest development.
5, broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower oil (oil food) and other foods containing vitamin A, are beneficial hormone secretion.
6, beef, milk, beans and liver and other foods containing vitamin B, but also help hormone synthesis.
7, milk stewed chicken ─ ─ tender chicken add milk with the stew, can have breast enhancement (breast food) role.
8, drink some soup with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Placenta carcass pigeon soup. Materials include the Placenta, Angelica, North flag, dates and pigeon and so on. Placenta Placenta car is rich in hormones and hormones; Angelica, red dates and the North flag is qi and blood, while the pigeon has the effect of physical fitness.
9, you can drink Polygonatum, Angelica, Atractylodes, Yun Ling, carp and ginger and other materials boiled carp soup. Because carp has a strong body effect, and Atractylodes can spleen and stomach, combined with breast enhancement effect.
10, drink a lot of pig heart soup also has the effect of Qi and nourishing the breast.
11, the curative effect of herbs is not bad, such as goat milk and milk ginseng, etc., but also have breast diet. Both herbs can strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance the body’s absorption capacity, help the development of the chest.
12, can also drink the following two kinds of Chinese herbal tea, including spleen tea and Yang Xin tea. The former Qi and nourishing, the latter replenishing qi, Yang Xin soothe the nerves. Jelly stuffed with royal jelly expansion.
13, fermented egg ─ ─ fermented wine, sugar into the cooked egg, take a bowl sooner or later during physiology up to beauty (beauty food) and breast enhancement effect.
14, royal jelly ─ ─ take a few months in a row, that can have a certain effect of breast enhancement, because royal jelly has the function of stimulating hormone secretion.
15, tendons, sea cucumbers and pigs and other glial-rich foods, can increase the development of the chest.
16, eat seafood, such as shrimp and shellfish, which contains zinc is an important element in the production of hormones.
Common sense: the best breasts not to be missed
From the 11th, 12th and 13th days of menstruation, these three days are the optimal period of breast enhancement, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22th, 23th and 24th days are the second best times, Full of ovarian estrogen is 24 hours an equal amount of secretion, which is the best time to stimulate thickening of breast fat accumulation.
(B) exercise (sports food) law: often lifting dumbbells and swimming
17, lifting dumbbell exercise, can make the chest muscles strong, perseverance can effectively achieve the effect of expanding the chest.
18, breast augmentation movement ─ ─ legs apart, his hands clenched dumbbells, upper body forward, and keep the back and neck straight. Lift the dumbbell up and down to the chest, lift it up, and exhale when you drop it.
19, strong chest and abdomen movement ─ ─ neck and waist at the same time remain upright, and then hands straight, the concentration of power in the abdomen, exhale hand side to stretch.
20, to strengthen the chest exercise ─ ─ upper body forward, one hand dumbbell, the other hand on the knees to support the body; dumbbells to the chest, and then drooping, left and right hand turns do 10 times.
21, incline push – hands with 5 pounds of dumbbells each, pay attention to push on to exhale, the elbow joints remain slightly curved, pushed to the maximum for about 1 second; down to keep the elbow to 90 degrees, About 12 times in a row.
22, chest push – to the triceps muscle force, beginners should give 10 pounds dumbbells, and pay attention to the back muscles to be locked.
23, equipment movement ─ ─ do this section mechanical breast enhancement exercise, pay attention to the hands of the opening and closing movements should be slow, can not pull too open, stretching to 180 degrees, otherwise easy to strain the chest.
24, swimming ─ ─ through the hydraulic pressure on the chest from the effect of massage, the development of the chest will have some help.
(C) posture method: sit upright to be correct
25, walking – to keep the back straight, and to abdomen, arms, will focus on the upper body.
26, when you sit down ─ ─ chest to look up, straight back, do not stooped body, a listless way.
27, rest ─ ─ should be lying sideways or supine position to sleep, should not prone, so as not to squeeze the chest.
(D) pretense: buy bust tips
28, when the time to buy bust, choose a smaller model in the style, not a small one code.
29, if you wear all-cup type, you can choose to wear 3/4 cup type; wear 3/4 cup, it may be more suitable for 1/2 cup.
30, to choose a steel bra and forming Cup bust, because the chest can hold up, so the appearance of more plump.
31, can also be added in the chest chest pad activities.
32, to avoid wearing sports bust, because of its softer materials, and without pad and steel support, will have been “wave as the mirror” chest, pressed more flat, more flat.
(E) health (health food) law: sweet food should quit smoking do not stick
33, eat more legumes, legumes can reduce the secretion of estrogen, can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.
34, reducing daily consumption of high-fat foods, due to high fat can cause obesity, and obesity is also one of the causes of cancer.
35, do not eat too much sweets, due to long-term consumption of high sugars, will make the blood insulin levels increased, and insulin is helping breast cancer cell growth.
36, to maintain more than an hour a day exercise, can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer, these sports include walking and walking aerobic exercise.
(Vi) Random expansion will cause trouble
37. Breastfeeding Products – According to the Consumer Council’s investigation report, there are some products or foods on the market that are labeled as Breast Breasts. After animal testing, they are found to contain “estrogen”.
Such as massive abuse of estrogen, may inhibit the body’s own estrogen secretion, the result may be self-defeating, hindering the development of the chest.
38, in addition to the development of products that contain “estrogen”. The general health foods contain soybeans, pueraras or placenta, while the breast cream contains herbs or moisturizing ingredients, but pregnant women (pregnant women food), breastfeeding women, children (children’s food) and breast cancer patients using this Be very cautious about products, you should consult your doctor’s advice first.

Fitness lady exercising fitness plan

The first thing to say is that no fitness program is perfect. Each person’s situation is different. There can be no fitness program for everyone. For the same individual, but also to regularly change the training program, in order to achieve better results. Therefore, experience here is very important, not necessarily have a coach, but more than their own level than their experienced people to communicate, will benefit greatly.
The simplest and most effective plan, three days a week, or six days a week, 3 days × 2 cycle, that is, chest and back legs one day, chest plus two, back plus brachial three, practicing legs, Practice, but abdomen, shoulder did not get abdomen can practice 3 to 4 times a week, after each training can be added 4 to 8 groups, or 4 × 2 to 3 groups of actions, you can also use one day to strengthen abdominal muscles Training coupled with aerobic. Shoulders can push the chest a few days less push chest, plus three groups on the oblique plus three groups, until the high stage and then single training shoulders, brachial, brachial, so more than 3 days, just 6 days.
If you practice for 6 days, you can just do two cycles. If you practice for 4 days, this extra day will train your focus and major contradiction. If you practice for 5 days, that is a small day You abandon your relatively the best part of the relative or temporarily need to wait and other parts, Oh, in the first place to practice the weakest place, the most to be improved, most need to strengthen the main contradiction.
If you want to quickly lose fat, please insist on at least 3 to 4 times a week aerobic training. 30 to 40 minutes after each device training, or 30-60 minutes in fasting in the morning, or arrange an aerobic day and run a happy one. Diet control attention to calories.
6 days fitness program:
The first day chest back
Bench Press 1 ~ 2 warm-up
Dumbbell bench press 20RM × 3
Dumbbell Flying Bird 20RM × 3
Butterfly machine (or cross folder chest) 20RM × 3
Roman chair to stand up (or dead pull) 20RM × 3
Barbell boating 30RM × 3
Sitting posture boating (or single arm dumbbell rowing) 20RM × 3
Important: Remember to chest exercises when practicing all chest movements, learn to use chest muscle force, rather than arch back. Practice back movement, the idea in the back, to experience the use of back hair, do not use the arm force to do action.
The next leg, buttocks, aerobic
Not squat 30 times warm-up
Squat 30RM × 3
Bow step 25RM × 3
Heel 20RM × 3
Unit two bend 25RM × 3
After the leg swing 25RM × 3
Running for 30 to 40 minutes
Points: Do not use a big weight, do not use explosive force. After squatting ideas in the hip hair force, but also to tighten up the buttocks after standing up (boys to practice the thigh is the quadriceps force). Maintain the waist and leg hip tension, action should be slow to prevent injury. Pay attention to the pull-ups between groups and after training, and pull the lines apart.
The third day abdomen, aerobic
warm up
Leg crunches (or leg stool) 30RM × 3
Support leg lift (or leg lift) 25RM × 3
Support the leg rotation (or sitting leg rotation) 25RM × 6 (left and right sides of the three groups)
Load-bearing swivel 50RM × 3
Running for 30 to 40 minutes
Tips: Move as slow as possible, with abdominal muscles (body), do not leveraging. Do not rest too long between groups, after training to do exercises to relax.
The fourth day chest, arm
Bench Press 1 ~ 2 warm-up
On the inclined bench push 20RM × 3
On the oblique birds 20RM × 3
Butterfly machine (or cross folder chest) 20RM × 3
Shoulder 25RM × 3
Biceps 25RM × 3
Arm arm neck flexion and extension 20RM × 3
Points: Do more after training arm muscle pull, to prevent block.
The fifth leg, buttocks, aerobic
The sixth day abdomen, aerobic
The seventh day rest, or aerobic, swimming, climbing, playing badminton and so on
Summary: Do not use too much weight, for example, if you can bench press with 15 kg bench press 25 times, and you use the 10 kg push the bar 25 times on the point that can not exercise the role of a group of 25 The last few times to feel more laborious, can not do with 35 times the weight of 25 times. Do not be too heavy, and even action deformation, the whole body leveraging, etc., especially girls are not the power nor the block, but the lines, such as bow and arrow If more laborious, you can hand or hand to take a few pounds of dumbbell that can. Break time between groups do not be too long, 45 ~ 60 seconds can be, remember. More experience, should not slow fast. Do more pull, learn yoga moves, the lines will look good. Do not use explosive force, do not pursue the weight, huh, huh.