Pay attention to the line beauty of female fitness program

For girls, the vast majority of fitness exercises are based on the purpose of body sculpting and fat reduction. They are always worried about practicing muscles or not having the feminine “flavor” of girls. In fact, you know that even boys It’s hard to train your muscles. You have to eat your meals for a week. You have to continuously conquer more weight. Moreover, it is even harder for girls to practice their muscles because of hormone levels in the body. Worried, look at the gym there is no “muscle” the same girl!! Look at a lot of celebrity models are very fond of fitness, and their lines are good, such as Cindy Crawford, she often do instruments also Like playing sandbags, you can say that her muscle lines do not look good? Health and the United States also disclosed Monroe also at home, “weight”, although women advocates of that era do not lift more than a cup of coffee, Monroe became “Glamorous.”


One week fitness program:
The first day chest back
Bench Press 1 ~ 2 warm-up
On the inclined bench push 20RM × 3
On the oblique birds 20RM × 3
Butterfly machine (or cross folder chest) 20RM × 3
Roman chair to stand up (or dead pull) 20RM × 3
Barbell boating 30RM × 3
Sitting posture boating (or single arm dumbbell rowing) 20RM × 3
Important: Remember to chest exercises when practicing all chest movements, learn to use chest muscle force, rather than arch back. Practice back movement, the idea in the back, to experience the use of back hair, do not use the arm force to do action.
The next leg, buttocks, aerobic
Not squat 30 times warm-up
Squat 30RM × 3
Bow step 25RM × 3
Heel 20RM × 3
Unit two bend 25RM × 3
After the leg swing 25RM × 3
Running for 30 to 40 minutes
Points: Do not use a big weight, do not use explosive force. After squatting ideas in the hip hair force, but also to tighten up the buttocks after standing up (boys to practice the thigh is the quadriceps force). Maintain the waist and leg hip tension, action should be slow to prevent injury. Pay attention to the pull-ups between groups and after training, and pull the lines apart.
The third day abdomen, aerobic
warm up
Leg crunches (or leg stool) 30RM × 3
Support leg lift (or leg lift) 25RM × 3
Support the leg rotation (or sitting leg rotation) 25RM × 6 (left and right sides of the three groups)
Load-bearing swivel 50RM × 3
Running for 30 to 40 minutes
Tips: Move as slow as possible, with abdominal muscles (body), do not leveraging. Do not rest too long between groups, after training to do exercises to relax.
The fourth day chest, arm
Bench Press 1 ~ 2 warm-up
On the inclined bench push 20RM × 3
On the oblique birds 20RM × 3
Butterfly machine (or cross folder chest) 20RM × 3
Shoulder 25RM × 3
Biceps 25RM × 3
Arm arm neck flexion and extension 20RM × 3
Points: Do more after training arm muscle pull, to prevent block.
The fifth leg, buttocks, aerobic
The sixth day abdomen, aerobic
The seventh day rest, or aerobic, swimming, climbing, playing badminton and so on
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Summary: Do not use too much weight, for example, if you can bench press with 15 kg bench press 25 times, and you use the 10 kg push the bar 25 times on the point that can not exercise the role of a group of 25 The last few times to feel more laborious, can not do with 35 times the weight of 25 times. Do not be too heavy, and even action deformation, the whole body leveraging, etc., especially girls are not the power nor the block, but the lines, such as bow and arrow If more laborious, you can hand or hand to take a few pounds of dumbbell that can. Break time between groups do not be too long, 45 ~ 60 seconds can be, remember. More experience, should not slow fast. Do more pull, learn yoga moves, the lines will look good. Do not use explosive force, do not pursue the weight, remember.

General female weight loss fitness program

Muscle net Tip: This fitness program is suitable for weight close to or exceed the standard weight of 10 pounds of female friends and high school boys and girls. If at home, running instead of skipping, to prepare dumbbells and dumbbell stool.
warm up
1.10 to 15 minutes of treadmill or bicycle and then simply stretch the muscles.
Practice your arms
2.3 group snatch, depending on their own weight may be.
Pectoral muscle training (breast Breast enhancement)
3. Bench Press, the first group with their own can push the maximum weight of 60%, 12. Then do the three groups of their own maximum weight, the number is 10.8.6. Then the weight reduced to the maximum weight of about 40% Do slow push on the election, has been exhausted. (This proposal has peer protection, another proposal and ramp cycle to replace.)
4. Flying birds .3 groups of 10 to 12 times each.
Activate muscle growth
5. squat. The first group of the maximum weight of 60%. Each group made a side of 5KG. After adding the maximum weight to do two groups, and then reduced to 60%, to do a group. In front of each group 10 to 15. The last group 15 ~ 20 (By this point, most people will not be able to finish the work, in addition to be careful of injuries.)
Beauty waist
6. sit-ups group 3 of the first group of 20 times, the second group of 15 times, the third group of 15 times.
Consume calories
7.30 minutes treadmill, jogging in the first 3 minutes, then medium speed, jogging in the last 5 minutes.
Training may be a bit hard, but in order to have a good physical quality will have to work hard. Can adhere to this 3 months, there will certainly be great progress. Another little reminder to try to eat less fat calorie foods, quit snacks, and more Eat high protein foods, you can participate in dance yoga, can help you shape well.

Yoga Fitness Program

First, practice steps
1. Should take a few minutes to breathe smoothly, relax the body, the noise of the outdoor city temporarily abandoned;
2. warm-up, this part is used to ease the neck, knee, hip and other joints stiffness, pull the ligaments to improve the body’s softness and ready;
Into the yoga position method practice, during which as far as possible in accordance with the requirements of action to regulate breathing;

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Girl push-ups can not do? Try these two variations

Push-ups are one of the best upper body exercises and we can see people practicing it everywhere,
Push-ups not only exercise the upper body (chest, triceps) strength, but also to help you build a stable shoulder core and core strength!
However, such a seemingly simple action, for many girls it is unmatched!
Today, I will introduce to you female compatriots to reduce the difficulty of two push-ups to help you step by step to complete push-ups!
You only need a stretch belt!
1. Use a long version of the elastic band, hanging on the weight bench or a fixed height of the device







2. Stretch strap tied to the bottom







Principle: For girls, the most difficult factor in the push-ups is actually not the upper limb muscle strength, but the core force, and the use of elastic band sets in the abdomen, so that your core muscles can more easily cope with the resistance,
At the same time, elastic band can help you reduce the weight of their own weight! Fight less resistance to complete push-ups!