Olympic champion in Beijing purchase were tricked into He Zi qin kai litigation claims 4 million

the diving Olympic champion goddess He Zi is happy after marry qin kai, already gave birth to her daughter when mom, but recently denounced a liar deception. Originally, He Zi in Beijing to buy a house to pay the deposit, only to be told that can’t transfer in a rage will each other to court! DetailPic

recently, He Zi revealed in weibo suddenly swindled and fumed about the cheats, feel being bullied, she wrote on twitter: & other; The world too much liar and yoriko & hellip; If which day evil triumphs over good & hellip; Also please a lot of attention. Throughout the &; & other; Thank you for your concern, recently met several liar is very helpless, really there is a people good be deceiving. Throughout the &; Net friend also don’t know what is happening in the He Zi, can only express the feeling of comfort, today, He Zi deceived finally surfaced.

according to the legal evening news reported, the Olympic diving champion He Zi building business contract with a Beijing company buy LaiGuangYing Township some houses, houses, however, can’t transfer, so He Zi sellers to court, and lost the 700000 deposit and pay more than 400 ten thousand yuan. Today (March 29) on the morning of the Olympic village in Beijing’s chaoyang court for public hearing the case.

originally, an Olympic champion couple qin kai and He Zi plans to buy a set of marriage room before marriage, both parties have to sign the sale and purchase contract, the contract: housing sale price is 8.25 million, the building has not yet been obtained certificate of ownership of the house, is expected to get time for April 2016. If the sales contract or document signed the exchange, due to the above situation were lifted, cancellation or invalid, the promises people shall be equivalent to the other party for the 50% of the contract price as compensation.

but the seller said finally cannot acquire building property right certificate for personal reasons, unable to deal with the ownership transfer registration of this building. & other; Buy when the other party said the house property card do mortgage, who knows this suite doesn’t have a house property card. Throughout the &; To attend the trial of qin kai mother a bit angry, she said to buy the house value to 800, now has risen nearly doubled, each other should be compensation for no house.

it is understood that to buy a house, He Zi and qin kai xian two houses and a set of houses sold in Beijing, also lost the value-added part of the building. The Olympic champion couple is also angrily to play up the case!

A south Korean sister conquer China volleyball world! General because of her seduction to many smaller

distance between the final league titles, and the Shanghai women’s volleyball team the last step. As is known to all, Shanghai women’s volleyball team is champion so close this season, because they have world-class main soft gold. A south Korean elder sister good, also completely conquered China volleyball world.

as a soft golden scene teammates, this season to join the Shanghai m Yang scored a key game 5 MVP, when asked why to join the Shanghai women’s volleyball team, m Yang made it clear that: & other; Gold soft jiing is also a reason, I finally choose Shanghai when the outside world are in the golden soft jiing may come to Shanghai, when I am in communication with the Shanghai team got the positive reply. Throughout the &; DetailPic

for m Yang, can pass to gold soft scene, she nature is expected to win the coveted title, & other; Can and play with world-class players, this also let me to join the Shanghai team has a new look forward to more. Throughout the &; Now, looking forward to the dream come true, look m Yang choice there is no error. Because of golden soft scene this & other; Thigh & throughout; Level players coming, Shanghai women’s volleyball team veteran group is expected to achieve champions, this perhaps is to belong to their last chance.

similarly. Liaoning women’s volleyball team of the segment has become a star of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, but she will also soft golden scene as their idols, this season after met Kim soft scene, period of publishing group photo with her, and said: & other; Instant smaller seduction, king soft scene idol, hope I can become as good as you big main attack. Throughout the &; Segment was impressed by the landscape of the golden soft comprehensive, perhaps, this is the energy star and charm.

in fact, when twila just way to soft landscape as a role model, a south Korean sister gold is her sister. After twila very, even beyond their idols, and from the look up gold soft scene, as an equal to do with her, is an inspiring drama. Now, twila also made a lot of players in Turkey. Athletic field, is to use strength to speak, although gold soft scene is Korean, but she’s influence, there is no denying in the circle of Chinese women’s volleyball team is the top.

Zhang Jike dad before public daughter-in-law height to 168 but sweet scene is 1 cm

21 at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, March 28, the national table tennis player Zhang Jike in China’s largest social media platforms microblog with his young actors scene sweet & other; Style & throughout; In a relationship.

relationship a open weibo hot search terms has burst, then the scene sweet and Zhang Jike major related weibo entry also hanging out, the relationship of the heat of the public is quite critical! DetailPic

standard of Zhang Jike dad’s daughter-in-law is also appeared in the microblogging hot search, it is said that Zhang Jike before and his father have involved in a variety show, called” the amazing race “father and son, Zhang Jike dad on the show is clearly revealed the name of his daughter-in-law, the standard is must reach the europebecame one meter height, the reason was that the Zhang Jike mother height is 168 cm, the Zhang Jike wife must not be less than 168 cm!

the scene sweet official height is 167 cm, is 1 cm long, don’t know Zhang Jike father mother happy? But netizens said, because it’s sweet scene, we have to do is, after all sweet skin white beautiful scene and money, nice personality, Zhang Jike is pick up to treasure!

Guo yu, youdao! Kenneth fok worth billions from female powder: accompany a wife home

& other; The diving queen & throughout; After guo jingjing to marry into giants, the gradually faded, but the sentiment is more and more high. Everyday very loving husband and Kenneth fok, although the high price but never show off, but very ground, when attend some activities, her hair hoop is the most common kind. DetailPic

guo jingjing and Kenneth fok

some netizens said that too, but a lot of netizens promptly, they said what occasion what to wear clothes is a sign of respect, even though wear before build basic skills is not particularly good, but now she has a qualitative leap, attend an activity at a time, she wore a seat on the pink dress of quietly elegant, temperament, may have some female stars are better than none.

guo jingjing

a while ago, guo and Mr Fok took son the sunrise in the streets for flag do in public. 4-year-old huo in the sunrise in the face of a stranger, or rather shy, but in the company of guo couples, bravely to contact with strangers, in addition to do good, and the exercise of its ability to relate to others.

it is a good thing, but a look at the net friend comment is mostly run wide, have discussed the four generation of the rich dude shoes. It is reported, this pair of shoes sold more than 200. Some netizens believe that for the rich, this is really a too ground too cheap shoes. Netizens think, oneself wear dozens of pieces of shoes, guo jingjing is too luxurious for them! The two sides so the debate for a long time.


in fact, let alone guo jingjing is a billionaire, even ordinary people, we take LiangSanBaiKuai buy a pair of good shoes is the norm. Compare other stars buy the clothes for their children’s shoes, you can clearly see the difference!

to attend the event, guo jingjing and Kenneth fok mostly to

simple guo jingjing has been caught Kenneth fok’s heart. Once take part in the interview, Kenneth fok asked & other; how female fans said & lsquo; Marry to marry Kenneth fok & rsquo; The affection of & throughout; , he replied with a smile with his hand rub & other; no chance, I’m getting married! & throughout; The nature of the answer, enough to prove his steadfast, has the sense of responsibility.

Kenneth fok

asked again & other; The most like which city & throughout; When Kenneth fok blurt out: & other; baoding! Because it is a daughter-in-law’s home! & throughout; He also said the most like to eat donkey meat and daughter-in-law home fire! Your mandarin is so good at the beginning in order to wife, the can’t let her learn cantonese, oneself want to learn mandarin . When asked what guo jingjing merit, Kenneth fok said too much.


in fact, on the other hand, this is Mr Guo yu, youdao, already when the mother of two children, still have a yearning for love, also is undivided attention to Kenneth fok, not luxury, but a serious life and living. DetailPic


guo jingjing

guo after retirement, still followed the development of the diving, she won the diving the referee, and accept the training, she understood with effective voice, have to be personally involved and develop good rules.

China’s sports day was born again Won the World Cup championship twice as Asia 1 person

Beijing time on March 28 news, as gymnastics World Cup more HaZhan, gymnastics World Cup in 2016-2016 season individual event a complete packaged. The international gymnastics federation announced the single championship federation, Chinese player Luo Huan one grabbed the uneven bars, balance beam two season total champion of the project, become the biggest winner.

& have spent

& have spent

gymnastics World Cup championship, 2016-2016 season refers to the eight standing in the World Cup race wins in this two years once named one of the best three stand points ranking list, the sum of the Luo Huan in the uneven bars, balance beam two projects are the highest. Can in two years in a row to maintain a good condition, and flow pressure of many worldwide Olympic champion, world champion won a championship, enough to prove that Luo Huan talent and strength.

& have spent

& have spent

Luo Huan, born in 2000 into the gymnastics school when he was only 3 years old, from Liu Fen coach of gymnastics initiation training, only 2 years was selected to wuhan sports college for training outstanding achievements. At the age of 8 Luo Huan opened by zhejiang province gymnastics phase, the professional athlete. In 2012, 12-year-old Luo Huan cap. In 2014, 14-year-old Luo Huan alone in the national competition had two gold, fame, are expected to become the leader of the Chinese women gymnasts.

& have spent

& have spent

Luo Huan originally had the opportunity to participate in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games, but no first-choice for sprint for a wounded, only as a substitute for his teammates in the audience and pep talk. But she didn’t give up, a strong rise in 2017, gradually emerge from the flower. Because sports ability outstanding, kinetic energy, Luo Huan technical characteristics compared with the current gymnastics rules, is expected to become China’s gymnastics a new sister, led the team from Rio recovery in the fiasco of the Olympic Games.

Twila sun fitness video to detonate eyeball netizen: to be handsome and dizzy

recently, twila bask in the period of her wear condole belt fitness video, trigger twila fans a praise! She dressed in the lens is very explosive, many fans said to be handsome and dizzy.

fitness, twila is one of the key tasks in Turkey. No competition and training days, twila will go to the gym, strengthen physical exercise. There is no doubt that this is twila show respect. Ding Xiagang said in an interview, every time go to the room to find twila, she are studying the video. Stadiums twila, is also the most effort. DetailPic

is hard exercise, let twila can tall, from 2013 to now power is dye-in-the-wood. The muscle line of slender figure, and domineering, twila has completely change to one of the world’s top athletes. Many netizens said, twila your dumbbells, her arm muscles are very fascinating. More netizens sigh & other; Is too handsome to be handsome dizzy & throughout; .

indeed, height 1 meter 98 twila, now already has a unique temperament, as she drying for the first time such a condole belt fitness video, only to find that the outside world, how great figure is twila. No exaggeration to say that now twila, body is a superstar. Her strong performance, let a person how the fans won’t like such a diligent and powerful women’s volleyball team captain. DetailPic

twila has scored in Turkey, including the champions league, club World Cup and super cup with Turkey Turkey cup, including four champions, now twila first league is about to hit her career, she has led tile kiefer bank into the final. In Turkey, twila technology not jing is more comprehensive, and in the high level of training and competition, her body quality also more and more good, twila limit? No one knows where.