The Japanese girl “love”! After idols released Zhang Jike relationship She decided to do so

NvPing girl in Japan, many people have a special liking for the Chinese table tennis players, like married Chinese Taipei player Jiang Hongjie, ai fukuhara ai fukuhara, ishikawa pure and beautiful hirano mei yu also favour Malone and Zhang Jike respectively, following the ishikawa & other; Love & throughout; Later, Mr. Hirano now also & other; Love & throughout; .

ishikawa pure beautiful was a fan of Malone’s younger sister, she was shy & other; I love & throughout; Malone, cause the attention of the fans in both China and Japan. When it comes to Malone, ishikawa are very excited, also want to play doubles with him. Released but with Malone relationship and start a family, ishikawa pure beautiful also gave blessing, many fans said love ishikawa, Japanese media also has its joke say ishikawa beautiful pure & other; Love & throughout; .

today, and another Japanese NvPing girl brokenhearted, she is Mr. Hirano mei yu. Like ishikawa, Mr. Hirano said want to partner and Zhang Jike mixed doubles, and said Zhang Jike is very handsome, like his aggressiveness. However, the ending and ishikawa, big brother Zhang Jike expected to release relationship, as a result, Mr. Hirano mei yu may also & other; Love & throughout; . , of course, this is fun, after all, as ishikawa idol with hirano, Malone and Zhang Jike many achievements in the game, will naturally have young fans.

is very interesting, Mr. Hirano mei yu in & other; Love & throughout; , said want to learn Chinese, because she wanted to make friends with Chinese players. Before Mr. Hirano mei yu, ai fukuhara and ishikawa beautiful pure NvPing players such as Japan, is Chinese & other; Talent & throughout; Now, Mr. Hirano mei yu will join their camp, ishikawa and Mr. Hirano, then, will be like ai fukuhara, finally to marry a Chinese?

of course, these are the gossip. Hirano mei yu want to learn Chinese, the most key reason must be she is eager to learn the Chinese table tennis technology, although once fierce last season, but after studied, now Mr. Hirano mei yu has calmed and she hit the stage, if not good efforts, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be suspended. After all want to learn Chinese table tennis technology, premise is to learn Chinese well.

Ding Xia pro bearing have a boyfriend and love conversation in public? The truth was that

Beijing time on March 28, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games champion, Chinese women’s volleyball team players, Ding Xia guest live online platform, and Internet users interaction. In the process of chat, Ding Xia reviewed the league this season, looking forward to the future, also talked about the boyfriend, triggered a heated debate.

asked & other; Do you have any boyfriend & throughout; Ding Xia is replied: & other; Of course have a boyfriend, xiaohui go Yuan Xinyue later. Throughout the &;

hear the answer, the host laughed and joked: & other; The old first fruit (Yuan Xinyue nickname) aside, her height is too high you disdain for her too. Throughout the &;

the Ding Xia swagger: I love & other; Can I have a crush on her, I can be like her. Throughout the &;

in addition to the subject of a talk to the boyfriend, Ding Xia also reviewed the women’s volleyball team super league this season. The following is a question and answer activity:

problem: league this year is the most happy thing?

Ding Xia: can the liaoning women’s volleyball team into the final four.

problem: the most memorable things in the league this year?

Ding Xia: after losing three games behind two bureau, jiangsu.

problem: favorite volleyball players?

Ding Xia: lang guide.

problem: favorite men’s volleyball player?

Ding Xia: Yuan Zhi. Do, however, the women’s volleyball coach after he doesn’t like him. (why?/why not?) Refers to the which play which, saw I had hung I, see will hit me, and I every time is with my face to face.

moreover, Ding Xia also talk about their own life. Records are problems including the following:

problem: favorite cosmetics?

Ding Xia: face film, recently also in study eyeliner.

problem: favorite things?

Ding Xia: barbecue.

problem: of the five million want to do?

Ding Xia: eat.

problem: twenty years later want to do?

Ding Xia: eat.

Lang ping is twila 4 years partner was a real emphasis and a Japanese coach destroyed?

Beijing time on March 28, 2017-2018 season, the national women’s volleyball team super league championship finals game 5 is at the end of yesterday, but the discussion of the game is still one of the hot spot of today. Before the tianjin women’s volleyball team is full of confidence in the final harvest at home was a bitter defeat, main setter Yao Di play disorder is considered to be one of the important reasons.

with the Shanghai women’s volleyball wingers style is different, the tianjin team because meet the players attack ability is weak, more security, two main bear attack rate will be higher. Especially the Li Yingying 18 years old, she every game to degrade the tianjin women’s volleyball team more than 40% of the attack mission. The allocation of the ball will be more difficult for a setter, when had, when passed on to the main scorer, she needs to be more elaborate layout, otherwise may cause two ace spiker in game after a few innings of physical problems.

from the point of the season, Yao Di did a very good, not only the Li Yingying & other; Spread throughout the &; Became the leading scorer, release Wang Yuanyuan attacking talent is completely. , so to speak, before annabell did not transfer to join, there are only two more outstanding points of the tianjin team advance into four, Yao Di is absolutely played. Even some experts pointed out that Yao Di 4 a passing than to Ding Xia twila. In the poll for fans, Yao Di are bound to be lang ping elected to the championships 14 people list in 2018.

however, single from the point of the game, the rhythm of the Yao Di clearly wrong, the stability of the passing out of sight, a lot of balls are in pursuit of speed and convulsions. According to speculation, this change of Yao Di probably because tianjin women’s volleyball setter recently hired Japanese coach. Is known to all, the diminutive Japanese women’s volleyball team is rely on speed to gain a foothold in the world series, they first requirement of a setter is passing speed. However, whether this is suitable for Yao Di own technical characteristics is still questionable, but if lost stability blind pursuit of speed, obviously not lang ping want to see.

Lean back! Sharapova to return to the level of appearance Back to 17 years old nun beautiful fascinating

Beijing time on March 28, five grand slam champion, Russian tennis player maria sharapova training according to latest exposure, netizens.

can see in the picture, sharapova obvious thin back, and in an interview before the appearance of the severely obese. To this, the net friend said: & other; Lean back, looks like Fried balsam pear didn’t eat less, curative effect is good, want to thin can learn & throughout; , & other Love makes one year & hellip; & hellip; Young? Throughout the &; , & other Feeling back to 17 years old & throughout; , & other Is so beautiful & throughout; , & other The feeling of like back & throughout; , & other A thin cover throughout the ugly &; , & other Love makes people shine & throughout; , & other Super tired of beauty! Throughout the &; , & other Throughout my day, crying I &; .

into the 2018 season, sharapova’s very bad record, in a number of the game is a first-round exit. Recently was exposed serious fat shape deformation of photograph, let fans think she is hard to go back to the top. But maria sharapova hasn’t given up his career, decisive and former coach announced the termination of cooperation, now in a handsome temporary partner, Thomas has been to try to find the invincible status.

though the effect still need to wait until the game testing, but at least you can see from the figure, maria sharapova in recent efforts for some time.

it is worth mentioning that although the game down, but it gains in emotion, and maria sharapova cheek by jowl with the new boyfriend.

“Lang ping’s second” officially entered the national team coach or her into the most on successor

in the Chinese society platoon 2018 national young women’s volleyball team of the first phase training list, we found Yang Hao name. As a member of the team’s coaching staff, the former Olympic champion now in state team started his coaching. Was hailed & other; Lang ping throughout the second &; She, has stepped onto the & other Lang ping successor & throughout; On the road.

Yang Hao is twila Chinese women’s volleyball team before the main thrust of the most successful. Than twila Yang Hao is closer to the lang ping from the characteristics of the players, because twila height 1 meter 98, super hand is almost a daily occurrence, Yang Hao is only 1 meter 83, and lang ping, she is a bounce and strength of attack by the hand, and decisive, score means diversity, has elegant demeanor.

Yang Hao to peak, under Chen zhonghe became the main Olympic champion player, has become a golden generation of attack of the most representative. Lang ping had cooperation during coaching Evergrande, arguably Yang Hao is also of lang ping favorites, same Yang Hao also learned lang guide many fine qualities, not just like athletes period, and also has became a coach lang guide.

it is worth mentioning that the squad list, the accident is a member of the squad Ren Kaiyi Yang Hao disciple, visible lang guide for Yang Hao is well accepted. Can look forward to, from slightly open, after Yang Hao prospect one be bright in the national team head coach, a lot of people are looking forward to, Yang Hao could be the next lang ping, really let yourself & other; Nickname & throughout; & other; Lang ping throughout the second &; More legendary.

after all, from the point of the current situation, looking for lang guide successor is terrible. Jiajie less current capacity, ya-wen has faded out a line, the competition has and others, have national coach is not successful. If lang ping to cooperate with Yang Hao again in the future, I believe Yang Hao is expected to get lang guide chuan.

The Chinese figure skating in crisis For the Beijing games are naturalized Chinese American genius?

pyeongchang winter games, although SuiWenJing/Han Cong pairs runners-up, golden dapao men’s singles fourth created the best record in the Chinese history, but the last week of the end of the 2018 world figure skating championships, the Chinese team ended badly, rare gold dapao in the free fall 5 times, in 19 in packaged. In next year’s world championships, the Chinese figure skating only won two seats in pairs (quota is 3), the other three projects are only a qualification.

& have spent

& have spent

, so to speak, the performance of the winter Olympics pyeongchang cannot explain Chinese skating to flourish, and awkward is, China’s weak skating reserve talented person in jeopardy. Men’s singles 闫涵 injury, and he suddenly in weibo recently announced his retirement but seconds later delete, prospects. In addition to dapao 闫涵 and gold, China’s other player has a great gap with the world first-class level. Other projects face no one available, women’s singles zi-jun li retired, she did not even in the free world championships in; Pairs SuiWenJing stress fracture, need recuperation, hao has 34, Ken peng at the strength, at the winter Olympic Games failed to qualify the free hit; Ice dance, China now take out only Wang Shiyue/LiuXinYu, but they also suffered a defeat in the Olympic Games, failed to qualify the free dance stage.

& have spent

& have spent

if in accordance with this configuration, four years without strength rookie appear, the 2022 Beijing Olympics skating in China will be very awkward. Fortunately, the Chinese figure skating team recently announced that the publicly-elected pairs in sanya, be preparation for the Beijing Olympics.

in this environment, the recent rumors about China’s skating. Rumors are mainly the coaching staff want to make some change items, such as a men’s singles player to ice dance training, as well as hope naturalized Chinese men’s singles player. The second point, the first came with the Chinese team & other; Gossip & throughout; Vincent zhou is Chinese American players.

& have spent

& have spent

Vincent zhou was born in the United States in October 2000, is the men’s singles champion world youth championship last year. Impressions in support to the adult group and got the Olympic qualification, 6 in pyeongchang. It’s a pity that at the world championships, a significant error in Vincent zhou the free, only for the 14th.

Vincent zhou’s parents are graduated from tsinghua university computer science department, go to study in the United States, after work later settled in silicon valley, work in the computer engineer. To accompany the Vincent zhou skating way, his mother still resign from silicon valley, father is only one person to make money to support his family, along the way is very not easy.

, Vincent zhou fans will give you the answer, they said: after verification & other; all at present have not received any information domestication, some recent related message stating otherwise are completely erroneous. After all is on behalf of the United States to continue the game. & throughout;