Pregnancy can be fitness? Pregnancy and fitness considerations

Pregnant in the end should not continue to exercise it?
For traditional Chinese people, it is always considered as rest for fear of moving tires. Is it really?
For normal people in general, the regular exercise in addition to maintaining physical fitness, consuming excess calories, but also improve the body’s ability to adapt, thereby enhancing the quality of daily life.
The pregnant mum is no exception!
Pregnancy, the right exercise, can make mom body uncomfortable to reduce, promote blood circulation, increase appetite, prevent excessive weight gain, Lee production and postpartum recovery, no exercise or not so appropriate exercise is the mother And belly baby adverse effects caused by 唷.
In May 2015, the National Library of Medicine also reported a study on the effect of prenatal exercise on fetal growth. Studies show that prenatal exercise reduces the chance of over-birth by 31%. The chance of reducing weight gain and cesarean section during pregnancy is also reduced.
And regular prenatal exercise:
Baby weight will not be overweight (more than 4 kg or more).
Do not need caesarean section
Less likely to be premature and low birth weight children.
In addition to the above studies show, regular exercise can also reduce the many complications and discomfort and the following benefits:

(A) to help Bulletin boards more aware of their body changes during pregnancy.
(B) to promote muscle strength and balance, you can make it maintain a good posture, prevent back pain and muscle and joint pain … and so uncomfortable.
(C) to improve the circulation, improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle fitness, reduce varicose veins.
(D) to reduce gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation.
(E) to relieve the symptoms of leg cramps (Cramp).
(F) to strengthen the abdominal muscles, conducive to production.
(Seven) the speed of postpartum recovery can be accelerated, and help deal with postpartum depression.
(H) to help restore the activity of swollen joints, edema symptoms reduced.
(Ix) to promote the mental health of Bulletin boards, to help cope with every stress during pregnancy, anxiety and depression.
(X) Prevention of gestational diabetes, especially women with a body mass index> 33.

Pregnancy mother sports tips:
After pregnancy assessment by the physician, there is no risk of miscarriage, you can start and training exercise hug.
Pre-pregnancy mothers who have no exercise habits can do more moderate exercise such as Pilatesis, yoga … and so on, can strengthen the training of the pelvic peripheral muscles, to help the birth, but also to deal with the production of a lot of physical exertion.
If the pre-pregnancy weight training habits of mommy, in a reasonable and safe range, boldly rest assured to continue training it!
Also, because pregnancy will increase the body’s blood flow 10 to 20%, the heart load is larger, you can choose to go walking and other sports, moderate and enhance heart and lung function.