Shanghai has a magic weapon to find! Tianjin attack hand connected 0 take what to boom has spring bud

the Shanghai women’s volleyball team 3-0 victory over tianjin women’s volleyball team, the game once again into the same starting line. For Shanghai women’s volleyball team, they take the victory of the first four, seems to have found the key to the win. Because of the tianjin women’s volleyball team is a team that didn’t meet & hellip; & hellip;

2-2 draw with

of course, said the tianjin women’s volleyball team did not meet, some exaggerated. The truth is, however, the tianjin women’s volleyball team’s main force meet yi, and already connected 0. Familiar with the volleyball fan knows, meet is the hands of attack of the volleyball game, and not free and setter! However, yi was scoreless. As you can see, the tianjin women’s volleyball team defeated 3-0, tianjin scored the game only 5 people, if not Yao Di 1 points, scored only four people, horrible, so to speak.

in the face of a team of “not scoring ability, it becomes easy to win their might. Limit Li Yingying with annabell is difficult, but the Shanghai women’s volleyball as long as to ensure the main fire, spring buds with his ability, however, the victory is understandable. The first world war and spring buds with 16 points, her status back to yong, Shanghai women’s volleyball team won. Play, spring buds his troubled take only 4 points, thus lost the Shanghai women’s volleyball team.

we may say, Shanghai women’s volleyball team has found the key to win. As long as have spring buds can keep soft gold and scene the same firepower, tianjin women’s volleyball team is hard to say on the boom in the last laugh. In fact, the tianjin women’s volleyball team into the finals is the miracle, who knows, this team by Li Yingying is strong. Although there are now annabell, but meet location is still gloomy.

of course, standing in the point of view of the Chinese women’s volleyball team meet the throughout the country, is a & other; Forgiving & throughout; . Once spring bud good sword sharp enough. Good, but Yang Fang xu injuries, Gong Xiangyu ups and downs, others? There is currently no special grab an eye to see the players. Perhaps, Chinese women’s volleyball team want to contest the result, still have to depend on twila represented the main attack. Also have fans advice, Li Yingying can adjust to meet to relieve the pressure?