Tianjin defeated but women’s volleyball team to meet good! Li Yingying milestones formally after receiving

women’s volleyball team in Shanghai and tianjin women’s volleyball game 4, eventually ended in the tianjin women’s volleyball 3-0 reversal. The game, the Shanghai women’s volleyball team played the level, the tianjin women’s volleyball team lose no discretion. For Li Yingying, of course, the game she ushered in the milestone, season scoring more than 700 points, to create a new history. And most crucially, Li Yingying receiving formal, fought about she won’t pick up receiving.

Li Yingying

Li Yingying is undoubtedly the women’s volleyball team of the season’s biggest surprises, she has been smash and leading the league in scoring, three wars, before the final Li Yingying ensures that the tianjin women’s volleyball team score enough combat power. But game 4 performance slightly silence, completed 40 times spiking, successful, 17 had 18 points, this is still the highest score. At this point, Li Yingying season scoring 700 formally agreed, this is a laudable honor.

of course, more surprising than the score is, after receiving the formal start of Li Yingying! In tianjin women’s volleyball team’s system, Li Yingying before don’t need to pass, so about Li Yingying won’t after receiving a lot. Therefore, Li Yingying can only stand up and tell the outside world, she will pass it on the training. Seeing is believing, Li Yingying pass level of legend, in the game show, although just & other; Appearance & throughout; , it is impossible to make a whole evaluation, but you can see her foundation is good, is also in place.

for Chinese women’s volleyball team, this is the biggest surprise. Because in lang ping’s international system, main pass is needed, and even have 6 round pass level players. Before Li Yingying challenged with the most is not pass, so don’t she lang ping. Now, the tianjin women’s volleyball girls, really liked, pass? Something.

a: look, Li Yingying will not only scoring, will pass, and so young, and even how don’t win it this season, who can stop her into the national team to show their talent. Li Yingying, how many pleasantly surprised, we can look forward to? From outstanding spiking to common defense and serve, and now can pass, block? Li Yingying may also can prove to the world.