Twila sun fitness video to detonate eyeball netizen: to be handsome and dizzy

recently, twila bask in the period of her wear condole belt fitness video, trigger twila fans a praise! She dressed in the lens is very explosive, many fans said to be handsome and dizzy.

fitness, twila is one of the key tasks in Turkey. No competition and training days, twila will go to the gym, strengthen physical exercise. There is no doubt that this is twila show respect. Ding Xiagang said in an interview, every time go to the room to find twila, she are studying the video. Stadiums twila, is also the most effort. DetailPic

is hard exercise, let twila can tall, from 2013 to now power is dye-in-the-wood. The muscle line of slender figure, and domineering, twila has completely change to one of the world’s top athletes. Many netizens said, twila your dumbbells, her arm muscles are very fascinating. More netizens sigh & other; Is too handsome to be handsome dizzy & throughout; .

indeed, height 1 meter 98 twila, now already has a unique temperament, as she drying for the first time such a condole belt fitness video, only to find that the outside world, how great figure is twila. No exaggeration to say that now twila, body is a superstar. Her strong performance, let a person how the fans won’t like such a diligent and powerful women’s volleyball team captain. DetailPic

twila has scored in Turkey, including the champions league, club World Cup and super cup with Turkey Turkey cup, including four champions, now twila first league is about to hit her career, she has led tile kiefer bank into the final. In Turkey, twila technology not jing is more comprehensive, and in the high level of training and competition, her body quality also more and more good, twila limit? No one knows where.