Women’s volleyball team strongest 18 tired! Brave and no longer can still over the south Korean foreign aid

tianjin women’s volleyball team 3-0 reversal, let the Shanghai women’s volleyball team will score draw 2 than two draws. Encountered such a reversal, the biggest reason is played poorly Li Yingying, this one game, her full 40 buckle 17, 18 points.

Li Yingying

Li Yingying is doing his best, she played. Was left behind in the team, it is her stand up, for the tianjin women’s volleyball team. For example, the first game start stage, she stormed 4 consecutive successful, help the tianjin women’s volleyball team to 9 to 10. And as the fourth game, Li Yingying 4 offensive goons out, help the team to 18.

however, Li Yingying brace, no longer a game scoring in double performance did not again. In particular, for the second time, she obviously let a person feel a little overwhelmed. The fourth after she help tianjin women’s volleyball team back to 18 flat, another 4 storm, the large oblique line out. After that, Li Yingying went on the offensive end stealth.

on the pitch, Li Yingying obviously let a person feel tired. When a timeout Li Yingying left shoulder need to use ice ice compress. Before the game, coach Chen Youquan said, & other; Li Yingying attack number is more, the shoulder to respond. Throughout the &;

indeed, as the tianjin women’s volleyball team’s offensive core, Li Yingying carry too many offensive. First, buckled Li Yingying 52, achieved a staggering 79 times a second, third her button again 71 times, such attack amount to Shanghai south Korean foreign aid gold soft scene is from sigh.

Li Yingying spell, but she, after all, not a robot, and was only 18 years old. Overuse, Li Yingying no longer brave also is very normal. But even so, Li Yingying personal performance is not loss to golden soft scene. Especially in the offensive end, Li Yingying threat significantly over the south koreans.

the game king soft smashing 25 times of scene had 14 points. Such attack points won, let a person have to say before the world’s best really old. Especially, in the presence of Li Yingying.