Won two champions league! Ping in Germany out of the limelight The ping second team lose take orally


Beijing time on March 25, in the German open women’s singles final, ishikawa beautiful pure 4-1 victory over South Korea players Xu Xiao yuan, this competition day ping won a second title, won the women’s singles and women’s doubles championships. And the before day ping, ping two team lose take orally, especially the women’s singles, ishikawa pure beautiful ping player beat the two countries.

this competition, the ping basic & other girls; Give up & throughout; Though, no teammates in women’s doubles, women’s singles sent a number of players, such as ding, liu shiwen but didn’t play trump card.

the ping women did not attach importance to the German open, the day ping women in Germany. Women’s doubles match, ITO beauty honestly/early Tian Xina 3-1 defeat in the final Tian Zhixi/Liang Xia silver, won the day ping’s first title in Germany. The next women’s singles, ishikawa beat Xu Xiao pure yuan. DetailPic

, so to speak, in the case of the ping girls 2 teams, ping out of the limelight, of course, the ping to convince them second team is going to lose, after all, ishikawa beautiful pure beat Wu Yang win on the road and Chen Xingtong ping, the two countries, against Chen Xingtong, ishikawa beautiful pure also implements the 4-0 sweep.

of course, day ping won two champions league also not worth celebrating, after all, look at ping’s men, they sent the strongest line-up, but the ping sent Malone, Xu Xin two masters, will, ping’s men kneel. Therefore, to measure, ping ping is the overall strength, and countries of the Chinese table tennis lead is very big still.