Wu Dajing backed teacher outgoing coach: things much too tired Even when the chairman


Wu Dajing support teacher outgoing coach

in pyeongchang after the Olympic Games gold medal, stylistic circle Wu Dajing suddenly become domestic hot star, has a TV show, talked about the teacher Li Yan, said her former coach support, because Li Yan things much too tired, in addition to undertake coaching, or when the chairman’s affairs.

a few days ago, the news that the 12 years at the helm of Chinese short track speed skating team Li Yan may leave the manager’s position. After the outgoing coach, Li Yan will devote into another role, that is to become a competent, chairman of the China association for skating, in that position, Li Yan skating in China will further expand the influence, will benefit not only the skating team, but China’s in the sports field.

“than the winter games up to now, I see the number of teachers are limited, there is also very busy, she should not only lead also want to be a President. She is also a task is various, didn’t also how fine to chat with her. But no matter what the teacher make a choice, we should support her. Li Yan teacher is very tired, from the point of view, pressure is very tired, but also lead to us is also very tired. So we are backed by a mentality to face everything.”

although Li Yan may outgoing coach, but still give Wu Dajing some advice, newly crowned Olympic champion really looking forward to, “can be appropriate to try, but the nature of their work or short track speed skating. Road speed skating can go to try. Or from the avenue to learn, make up for the inadequacy of its technology, and then apply the strip speed skating in short track speed skating. Don’t too seriously, but the athletes’ competitive, dry line will do a good.”

from now on, Wu Dajing with teammates entered the Beijing Olympics, he hopes to be able to continue to improve myself in the meantime, and to help young athletes, are more talent.

“from the Beijing Olympic Games and four years, and now the Beijing time. This four years is a very large cycle, young athletes are poured out. As an old player now, can I help young athletes grow quickly, I think this is for winter project, for short track speed skating, is also a very good thing.”

Wu Dajing said, “I also hope that through our usual moves, the attitude of the training, to help some athletes fast growth, rapid increase, is 2022 years to make a contribution for us. But I also hope that time can the best competitive state in a bid to attend the game.”