Yoga Fitness Program

First, practice steps
1. Should take a few minutes to breathe smoothly, relax the body, the noise of the outdoor city temporarily abandoned;
2. warm-up, this part is used to ease the neck, knee, hip and other joints stiffness, pull the ligaments to improve the body’s softness and ready;
Into the yoga position method practice, during which as far as possible in accordance with the requirements of action to regulate breathing;

Relax Last supine relaxation is an essential part of yoga training, this time can make their mind and body completely relaxed, relieve fatigue;
5. Interest rate adjustment. In addition, according to the training schedule should also learn the interest rate adjustment, cleaning method and yoga meditation and other primary yoga experience.
Second, practice content
According to the characteristics of their own problems, the focus is on the neck, shoulders and waist training to slow down the pain in these three parts.
Therefore, the choice of action, the use of elbow ring preheating practice, tree, mountain, triangular, semi-Lotus, cobra, sun-style
Third, the training effect
Increase the back of the neck to relax, back muscles, psoas vitality, so stiff stiff state has been eased.
Fourth, training time
In order to improve the training effect, in the short term can receive the desired effect, the other familiar yoga posture, increase the balance of body and flexibility, in terms of time increases.
Train 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Morning and afternoon for half an hour, evening for 1 hour.
Morning time: 5:30 to 6:00, if not done, make up in working hours.
Afternoon time: flexible according to the work situation. About 4:30 to 5:00, ie before get off work.
Evening time: 8:00 to 9:00
Note: The choice of action, according to the daily exercise and preferences and change. However, we must pay attention to warm-up and relaxation, the action can not be too hasty, calm, made with the rhythm of the music.
The second part of the massage training program
Due to obvious pain sites, so strengthening the neck, shoulders, waist training, supplemented by passive activities of the massage.
First, to massage clinic massage (to maintain the best two times a week)
Second, self-massage
1, neck massage to knead the main law, about 100 times or so, left and right to all.
2, shoulder massage, knead, pinch, take the main, about 100 times or more.
3, arm massage. Squeeze the main press up and down, has been extended to hand.
4, hand massage. Training hands with both hands, handshake friction, anti-hand, until the hand is hot.
5, head massage. Head massage acupuncture points, the number of comfortable to appropriate.
Third, infrared treatment. Hold on once a day. Intermittent medication and then heated.