Zhang Jike dad before public daughter-in-law height to 168 but sweet scene is 1 cm

21 at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, March 28, the national table tennis player Zhang Jike in China’s largest social media platforms microblog with his young actors scene sweet & other; Style & throughout; In a relationship.

relationship a open weibo hot search terms has burst, then the scene sweet and Zhang Jike major related weibo entry also hanging out, the relationship of the heat of the public is quite critical! DetailPic

standard of Zhang Jike dad’s daughter-in-law is also appeared in the microblogging hot search, it is said that Zhang Jike before and his father have involved in a variety show, called” the amazing race “father and son, Zhang Jike dad on the show is clearly revealed the name of his daughter-in-law, the standard is must reach the europebecame one meter height, the reason was that the Zhang Jike mother height is 168 cm, the Zhang Jike wife must not be less than 168 cm!

the scene sweet official height is 167 cm, is 1 cm long, don’t know Zhang Jike father mother happy? But netizens said, because it’s sweet scene, we have to do is, after all sweet skin white beautiful scene and money, nice personality, Zhang Jike is pick up to treasure!