Women’s Information Northern Ireland was established by local women across the interface area of West Belfast. Its objective was to retain and build contact between women on both side of the sectarian divide as well as provide those women with information which would allow them to make informed choices in respect of health, family, housing and finance. Indeed anything that impacted on the lives of women, their families and communities.

Today, Women’s Information has in excess of 1200 members. We continue to provide monthly Information Days, courses supporting the personal and self esteem development of women, young women and mothers, ethnic minority women, lesbian women and mothers of Gay sons and daughters.

We provide information and awareness raising on all aspects of health, well being and mental health to women, their families and their wider communities through a women lead peer support model. Not only that but we also provide a central point of contact and signposting server for women. We provide advocacy support and in house resourses to help women in need of one to one support to address issues and access professional assistance.

Our Aims
• To help meet the needs of women attending Information Days and supporting their influence at local level.
• To broaden women’s understanding of themselves within the whole community so benefiting them in a political sense from contact with other religions and cultures.
• To encourage confidence in their ability to access information giving a sense of ownership over their lives and also their families and community.

Meet our team
We currently have 3 employees who are dedicated to supporting the success of WINI.

Chief Executive Officer
Michele Baird

Community Health Co-ordinator
Helen Crickard

Community Relations Co-ordinator
Caroline McCordWe also have a number of volunteers who help us to maintain the vital services we provide.