Boxing champion crossover singer song sing Rap zou shiming detonated awards

on the evening of December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence champion award ceremony was held in Beijing, the grand ceremony broadcast on optimal letter used car name, mengniu (read CiAn Sue, Kyoto, longling Huang Longyu, shenzhou car brands such as strategic partners also give strong support. This festival is not only the sun, wang hao, Su Bing etc. The most popular sports stars in China, and huang xiaoming, shang wenjie, JiKeJuan escape entertainment such as red star presence. The opening show link, the boxing champion zou shiming was first singer crossover, which brings a Rap to detonate, passion Rap drew gasps and applauses, is that sentence: not sing Rap Olympic champion is not a true champion.


do you have a freestlye? With recent Rap shows blaze, queer wu has detonated Rap domestic hot, but I didn’t know that on the ring on the surface of the power and prestige eight zou shiming are Rap fans, as a prelude to show zou shiming, a just took all the limelight. Although the strength of the boxing champion already to obtain public recognition, but few people know, zou shiming have a sexy lazy voice. A blend of all the list of candidates Lawrence Rap “only you make me the wind drifting in a flash to light the whole ceremony scene, the scene has fans ridicule, & other; Zou shiming entertainment industry in these two years didn’t white mix! Throughout the &; More fans to actively support zou shiming into music. DetailPic

zou shiming passion sing Rap

the invited 2017 top ten Lawrence champion prize awards, for the king, be pleasantly surprised. Last year he took the 10 best Lawrence & other; Best not throughout the project &; The trophy. Although he didn’t win this year, but he has brought more surprises, from a song, we seem to see the Chinese athletes in 2017.

in 2016, zou shiming is brilliant, be plain sailing. But in 2017 for the boxing champion zou shiming, is destined to be extraordinary one year. Zou shiming down from the 2013 Olympic Games transformation into professional boxing, it is destined to Chinese boxing mentoring need him to transfer, the flag of the Chinese boxing needs him to carry, the flag of Chinese professional sports also want him to carry! This year, however, an accident of zou shiming defeated, can not help worrying, he can hold up again, but at the awards ceremony, zou shiming in songs expressed his love of sport and the confidence to oneself, as the lyrics say & other; Ye xi xi my team! My king, ye xi xi! & lsquo; & rsquo;

zou shiming won the Olympic champion, but for the love of professional boxing, he resolutely abandoned all the halo and honor on the road, through repeated practice to pursue the road of professional boxing. Now when he won one gold belt, for the Chinese in professional boxing get more honors, obviously, he don’t want to give up the love. And he also wanted to use their own actions inspire other players are not afraid of losing, not afraid of setbacks, continue to chase every dream, for the Chinese sports for the more honor.

a lot of netizens think, however, in recent years, many sports stars transformation entertainment star was a great success, and has repeatedly in the variety show on the mirror of the king, and his wife and children were the general audience, now a song singing Rap may open zou shiming is a new chapter in the music. DetailPic

RanYingYing zou shiming’s wife also attend

in recent years, as China’s athletes in the world is more and more excellent performance, China’s sports status continuously improved, also let more people see the prize-giving grand ceremony of the China’s sports glory and greatness, and all the athletes and the positive energy of a dream transfer. Just like the lyrics said & other; Ye xi xi my team! Throughout the &;