Girl push-ups can not do? Try these two variations

Push-ups are one of the best upper body exercises and we can see people practicing it everywhere,
Push-ups not only exercise the upper body (chest, triceps) strength, but also to help you build a stable shoulder core and core strength!
However, such a seemingly simple action, for many girls it is unmatched!
Today, I will introduce to you female compatriots to reduce the difficulty of two push-ups to help you step by step to complete push-ups!
You only need a stretch belt!
1. Use a long version of the elastic band, hanging on the weight bench or a fixed height of the device







2. Stretch strap tied to the bottom







Principle: For girls, the most difficult factor in the push-ups is actually not the upper limb muscle strength, but the core force, and the use of elastic band sets in the abdomen, so that your core muscles can more easily cope with the resistance,
At the same time, elastic band can help you reduce the weight of their own weight! Fight less resistance to complete push-ups!