China sports days! Ding won best female athlete achievement 2017 grand slam




the phoenix sports Beijing time on December 20th, China’s top ten Lawrence champion prize presentation ceremony, the best female athletes, ding elected, she became the strengthening of China’s sports. Ding has realized the possibility cause in 2017, she won the prize.

ding in Dusseldorf in 2017 world championships in two won the women’s singles, women’s doubles champion, has won the women’s singles gold medal in the national games, implementation of the Olympic Games and national games, world championships and World Cup & other; Grand slam & throughout; . Now, she is not only China’s top female elder sister, or a Chinese sports a elder sister.

world championships final, ding teammates Zhu Yuling, 2-1 behind, ding shows the world’s top level, she always sophisticated psychological quality and durable not dangerous toughness beat his opponent, won the third colby lun cup of the individual, is also the third person after deng yaping, wang nan.

although national games is the domestic game, but the difficulty of the gold medal winners as the Olympic Games and world championships, the previous national games, ding a shock defeat to Chen Meng stop eight strong, this year’s national games, ding beat liu shiwen under pressure in the final. After the gold medal, ding became after deng yaping, wang nan, zhang yining and li xiaoxia, fifth & other; Grand slam & throughout; Winner.

in the history of Chinese table tennis, only 6 people finish from international to domestic & other; Grand slam & throughout; , following deng yaping, wang nan, zhang yining, Malone, li xiaoxia, ding has achieved this feat by this year.

more let a person praise, stadiums, ding also as a foreign access to national flag bearer, messengers, efforts to promote table tennis. As China’s NvPing absolute core, ding was elected. Ding is 27 years old, but she still has more honor can strive for, three years after the Tokyo Olympic Games, she will still be the NvPing number one in China. When zhou kai


2017 China Lawrence awards: sun ding was elected the best male and female athletes

the phoenix sports inquiry in 2017 China top ten Lawrence prize award in Beijing today, the Chinese swimming representative sun widely anticipated scored the best male athlete award, ding won the award for best female athlete.

best new artist: bing-jie li

in 2017, bing-jie li, Budapest world championships and national games in tianjin, bing-jie li cub would burst out of the great energy. In the future, the future of bing-jie li.

best breakthrough: shanshan feng

this year, shanshan feng three LPGA championship, and the blue bay masters in November as the world’s first wome

Nations cup board professional masters combines traditional chess kick-off and fun

the phoenix sports news on December 19, 2017, the first & other Important & middot; Nations cup board professional masters & throughout; House that held a press conference in China. In order to implement the party’s 19 big spirit, accelerate the construction of sports power, as a comprehensive domestic & other; Throughout the letter &; Sports sports event, intelligence & other; Important & middot; Nations cup & throughout; Designed to respond to chess sports management center of the state sport general administration vigorously popularize promotion board and intellectual movement of the policy, provides the stage for the competitors, create national authority chess tournament, introducing and popularizing intellectual movement, the positive development of industry.

live pictures

conference, chess and sports management center of the state sport general administration, deputy director of the GeFeng, industrial base on behalf of the Chinese intellectual movement Wang Huiliang, important holding group party committee secretary of the professional Xue Baolin ciic sports sports development co., LTD and hainan miao flourishing stage respectively, general manager of speeches, common wish games a complete success.

one of the organizers of the industrial base on behalf of the Chinese intellectual movement Wang Huiliang said in a statement, the Chinese intellectual movement since July 2016 construction industry base, under the general administration of sport and the strong support of hainan province, has completed the first phase of construction, and is committed to building a project of high quality, high influential brand, the event is the Chinese intellectual movement launched the innovation competition industry base project. The organizers also hope to through competition and intellectual movement of the beneficial cooperation partners in industry chain, be & other; Supply side throughout the reform &; The vanguard.

& other; Important & middot; Nations cup & throughout; By the Chinese chess association, China association of bridge and hainan province cultural radio and television publishing sports hall, chengmai county people’s government of hainan province, chengmai county, hainan province of worship ceremony zhangjiakou district people’s government of hebei province style council, worship ceremony zhangjiakou area in hebei province sports bureau and intellectual movement industry base of China and organized by hainan ciic sports sports development co., LTD to undertake, in collaboration with the sports industry development co., LTD, such as the common intelligence.

as a sole host the tournament, ciic sports sports development co., LTD., general manager of hainan miao Veda, said in an interview with the media is a blend of the tournament competition, culture, tourism, fitness, many elements of activities such as charity, is to take a trip to an innovation development, the players in the game of intelligence at the same time, you can appreciate the beautiful scenery, and through the players make contributions to public welfare.

this competition will be divided into traditional chess and interesting board of two parts. Among them, the traditional chess games in January 2018, 17 solstice 22 in domestic intelligence top Chinese intellectual sport industry base & ndash; & ndash; Chengmai hainan ecological software park of hainan province held; Fun chess tournament will be on January 19 to 25, 2018 winter Olympic Games for the first time in China & ndash; & ndash; Chung li zhangjiakou area in hebei province.

Wu Dajing won the games are the most influential player in the future or JianXiang avenue

the phoenix sports news (reporter Liu Lusha) on March 29, launched by the China sports newspapers and hosted the 2018 winter Olympics the Chinese athletes to spread influence conference held in Beijing, a list of the 2018 winter Olympics set the world record twice, implementation project gold medal zero breakthrough, Chinese man the ice Wu Dajing become the games list statistics worthy cycle transmission of the most influential player. Interview, organic Wu Dajing said will try JianXiang speed skating, and admits no matter teacher Li Yan whether, as a team member understanding and support.

Wu Dajing

Wu Dajing confessed to winter and summer visual attention gap big said try to catch up with & have spent

as pyeongchang winter games only a gold medal winner of the Chinese delegation, the Chinese men’s short track history’s first gold winner Wu Dajing suspense at the top of the list. In an interview, Wu Dajing said: & other; As winter project athletes, can have a such athletes (for winter) selection already very happy, I didn’t expect to get the top, it is affirmation, for short track speed skating program is personal to me. Throughout the &; & have spent

as winter project athletes, Wu Dajing admitted that project the attention of the ice and snow still cannot match the summer project, & other; It is mass base, 2 it is by attention is not the same. Winter project began to better attention over the years, is also from the beginning of the Olympic bid success, appeared a burst of icy hot, I think it’s still in its infancy, with summer project is can’t, we were not fall too far, as much as you can try to catch up. Throughout the &; & have spent

Wu Dajing revealed that before he was concerned about the athlete selection, similar & other; His campaign yet, ha ha! Throughout the &; He said bluntly, this selection is fresh, is also very interesting. & have spent

Wu Dajing is at rest stage at present, after the short holiday, the next task is to return to the national team training, and other Training together after the break is closed, the return to the system training, this game is very dense, a station the station. Throughout the &; & have spent

Wu Dajing understand teacher Li Yan departure would consider JianXiang speed skating & have spent

a month ago, Li Yan in pyeongchang Olympics field with Wu Dajing watch the game, speed skating and try expressed deliberately let Wu Dajing JianXiang speed skating, short project during the 2022 Beijing Olympics is expected to be two projects across the short track speed skating and speed skating, talked about the Wu Dajing that & other; Teachers have the idea, ha ha, just kidding. I also want to do some adjustments in the past, still the short track slip first good, have the chance to try, can only say that to give it a try. Throughout the &; & have spent

in addition, for 12 years at the helm of Chinese short track speed skating team Li Yan likely to leave the manager’s position, Wu Dajing expressed understanding, & other; Coach actually very hard over the years, the responsibility is very big, pressure is very big also, coach of the athletes choose what we would be going to fully support, because we all know that over the years, the coach really responsibility and the pressure is very big, she is finally going to be leave I also don’t know, and then complete the work of the athletes, no matter what kind of coach make choice, we are at a point of view to understand the coach. Throughout the &; & have spent

top 10 short track speed skating athletes of four & have spent & have spent

this poll, one-time introduced including & other; 2018 winter Olympic Games Chinese athlete spread throughout list & impact; , & other The 2018 winter Olympics the most closely watched the Chinese team list & throughout; , & other Throughout the 2018 winter Olympics the most watched sports list &; And & other; Athletes of 2017 year China spread throughout list & impact; A total of four list, evaluation parameters include: individual athletes, sports scores, traditional media, network media exposure index, social media exposure index, the index of the media exposure, BBS, commercial index as well as public welfare index and so on, through large data collection and analysis combined with statistical algorithms, resulting in rank. & have spent

& other; 2018 winter Olympic Games Chinese athlete spread throughout list & impact; In the top 10, short track speed skating athlete occupy four seats. Short track speed skating athletes han, zhou Yang, li JinYu in popularity during the winter Olympics pyeongchang, also in the top ten. & have spent

2018 Olympic figure skating pairs silver medalist Han Cong, SuiWenJing respectively in & other; 2018 winter Olympic Games Chinese athlete spread throughout list & impact; Fourth and fifth spots, ranked seventh in the age of 20, China gold dapao men’s players. Into athletes spread influence list of the top 10 and winter Olympics pyeongchang snowboarding u-shaped ground skills silver medalist Liu Jiayu project, the men’s 500 m speed skating bronze medalist Gao Ting yu, as well as the speed skating star zhang hong. & have spent

in & other; The 2018 winter Olympics the most closely watched the Chinese team list & throughout; , the Chinese short track speed skating team and the Chinese figure skating team occupies the top two seats. On the winter Olympics pyeongchang two silver and one bronze good achievements of Chinese freestyle skiing aerial skill team ranked third, snowboarding U site technique team and China speed skating team list, the fourth and fifth respectively. & have spent

short track speed skating, figure skating too strong & other; Throughout the 2018 winter Olympics the most watched sports list &; The top two, curling, ice hockey and freestyle skiing followed by the three projects. Although at present our country hockey project achievement also has the very big disparity compared with world-class level, but it is still a huge attention by sports fans, with participation more and more, believe in the four years after the Beijing Olympics, China’s ice hockey project will be a breakthrough. & have spent

the organizers also released the day & other; Athletes of 2017 year China spread throughout list & impact; , the sun for the fifth time for Zhang Jike, KeJie take the second and third place respectively.

Women’s volleyball team a training squad came again! Twila MVP set sail from the road

two days ago, the Chinese women’s volleyball team a squad list released in succession, the phase of the second phase of the squad for the U.S. women’s volleyball team is also released yesterday, today, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is also officially announced big list, specific as follows:

tianjin, liaoning, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, shandong, sichuan province sports bureau competent business department, training department of the central military commission business department in charge of military sports training center:

to complete 2018 Asian U19 young women’s volleyball championship game tasks, such as volleyball center decision in fujian zhangzhou sports training al-qaeda national youth women’s volleyball training in 2018. Is presently as follows training related matters notice:

a, national youth women’s volleyball team coaching staff list

coach: ShiHaiRong (jiangsu)

teaching practice: xie exciting (Shanghai), quantico march (shandong), Hao Xiyu (tianjin)

doctor: Yu Hongjing (shandong)

2, the national youth volleyball players list

liao ning: ms sun shine

on the sea: Chen Fanglin, Chen Ruilan

jiang su: Xu Luyao, yong le, sun yan, ni special

zhe jiang: rain, liu has wellknown

f: Liang Wei every

mountain east: car from wenhan, Song Zhihong, xiao-yan huang, Zhao Xinyi, Nancy lee

4: sichuan Zhang Xinling Samuel, Vivian

the people’s liberation army, the focal point, cui Mei morning

the 19 players, ms sun shine, Zhao Xinyi, Nancy lee, Zhang Xinling Samuel, Vivian temporarily not to report for duty, check-in time prior notice.

this squad, shandong youth women’s volleyball team five were selected, three people to participate in training, there are four people in jiangsu youth women’s volleyball team four were selected and attend the training, the kingdom of green women’s volleyball team this year main task is to take part in the YaQingSai, remember 2012, twila is starting from the green women’s volleyball team, on YaQingSai way, lead the young Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship, oneself also won an MVP, and began her MVP harvester.

Wu Dajing backed teacher outgoing coach: things much too tired Even when the chairman


Wu Dajing support teacher outgoing coach

in pyeongchang after the Olympic Games gold medal, stylistic circle Wu Dajing suddenly become domestic hot star, has a TV show, talked about the teacher Li Yan, said her former coach support, because Li Yan things much too tired, in addition to undertake coaching, or when the chairman’s affairs.

a few days ago, the news that the 12 years at the helm of Chinese short track speed skating team Li Yan may leave the manager’s position. After the outgoing coach, Li Yan will devote into another role, that is to become a competent, chairman of the China association for skating, in that position, Li Yan skating in China will further expand the influence, will benefit not only the skating team, but China’s in the sports field.

“than the winter games up to now, I see the number of teachers are limited, there is also very busy, she should not only lead also want to be a President. She is also a task is various, didn’t also how fine to chat with her. But no matter what the teacher make a choice, we should support her. Li Yan teacher is very tired, from the point of view, pressure is very tired, but also lead to us is also very tired. So we are backed by a mentality to face everything.”

although Li Yan may outgoing coach, but still give Wu Dajing some advice, newly crowned Olympic champion really looking forward to, “can be appropriate to try, but the nature of their work or short track speed skating. Road speed skating can go to try. Or from the avenue to learn, make up for the inadequacy of its technology, and then apply the strip speed skating in short track speed skating. Don’t too seriously, but the athletes’ competitive, dry line will do a good.”

from now on, Wu Dajing with teammates entered the Beijing Olympics, he hopes to be able to continue to improve myself in the meantime, and to help young athletes, are more talent.

“from the Beijing Olympic Games and four years, and now the Beijing time. This four years is a very large cycle, young athletes are poured out. As an old player now, can I help young athletes grow quickly, I think this is for winter project, for short track speed skating, is also a very good thing.”

Wu Dajing said, “I also hope that through our usual moves, the attitude of the training, to help some athletes fast growth, rapid increase, is 2022 years to make a contribution for us. But I also hope that time can the best competitive state in a bid to attend the game.”