190 pounds of girls run counter-up into a goddess successfully refused to replace her boyfriend

In 2014 November, fat girl goddess Xia Yan completely fire, February 8, 2015 Tencent news article, let her a fire again. Although she was just a fourth-grade student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Anqing Normal University, her weight-loss counter-attack turned into a big beauty. However, she repeatedly lauded and lauded her. From 190 pounds to 100 pounds, People feel amazing.

Has been mistaken by the teacher as a “test”

The most interesting experience is that, when sophomore sophomore to attend the teacher qualification exam, came up with two years ago ID card, the examiner teacher waved repeatedly, saying “go out”, engage in a long time to know that the original identity Differences between the photo and the real photo is too large, was as a “test.” Xia Yan dumbfounding, only to take pictures of her body changes during weight loss, explain to the teacher ten minutes before being put into the examination room.

“I did not expect to see a big fat girl wearing a large size menswear for over a decade and a day in a dresses.” The weight loss success has brought her more than just appearance changes, but also made her work more confident and courageous. “While losing weight this experience pains, but honed my willpower, to do the best, never again, as before, halfway.”

From the sophomore do not want money at home

Xia Yan now become independent strong, and more courage to try more things, “I never asked since the sophomore had a penny, tuition and living expenses are earned by themselves.” Send leaflets, tutoring, To do a flat model, when a fitness coach, to participate in commercial performances, in the gallery as a guide, she is like a top like every day are busy turn around. Sophomore part-time job to save the money usually, summer Yan and partners opened a florist shop, in order to save money, decoration is their hands-on.

In addition to the florist, XIA Yan relies on his personal contacts accumulated during previous commercial performances and has set up a public relations planning company with his classmates to plan publicity activities for enterprises and public institutions around Anqing and provide etiquette services and wall painting projects.

After several years of struggle, Xia Yan in addition to do not spend money at home, usually with their own money to buy gifts to parents, and since last year’s Spring Festival, she began to bring money to honor their parents.

Because of fat, was fainted was sent to the emergency room

“When I was a kid, if I had to bully me and scolded me, I would still have to go back.” Because she was a big man and practiced martial arts, her peers of the same age generally could not beat her for a long time and no one even considered her as a woman Children, and even directly called her “tomboy”, Xia Yan use this powerful way to protect their fragile heart.

Because of fat, Xia Yan often can not buy the right clothes, and can only wear large size men’s clothing and customized clothes forever. A short hair, can not tell the gender of clothes, go out shopping with my mother, Xia Yan always be mistaken for a boy. When she was in high school, she chose to study fine art. Every day, her head bowed for a long time, putting a lot of pressure on the cervical spine. Coupled with obesity and fat accumulation, her nerves were more compressed, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain. She often developed dizziness and collapsed Enter the emergency room twice.

Running, help her lose weight success

After the college entrance examination ended, in order to be able to enter the university with a new image, Xia Yan determined to begin to lose weight. For three years, Xia Yan did not drink carbonated drinks, thirsty only drink boiled water and a small amount of yogurt; at least two and a half hours each day to maintain the amount of exercise, running is one of her main sports options.

She used to be a 190-kilogram fat man who has now become a beauty coach with a 170cm body weight and a body weight of only 50kg and a vest line through scientific exercise and tenacity.

After weight loss success, Xia Yan and then go to high school classmates, and take the initiative to say hello to high school students, the students do not know her, “Everyone said that no one in the previous class, ah, who is it?” It turned out that this Is once the “big fat girl” Xia Yan.

After losing, someone advised her to change her boyfriend

Xia Yan also harvested love. Her boyfriend Liu Ya is her classmate, has served as monitor, school student union chairman, received first-class scholarship for three consecutive years, won the national scholarship, the national inspirational scholarship. This guy from Suzhou farmhouse simple and honest guy, he and Xia Yan together as a class cadre to establish a deep friendship, and soon developed into love.

At that time, Xia Yan or a fat 140 kg weight chubby sister.

Throughout the university, Xia Yan and Liu Ya have been learning than the two have been all kinds of certificates plus more than 40 pieces.

Xia Yan said Liu Ya is her first boyfriend, “because before the fat, no one will chase me.” Now become a slim goddess, some people advise her to find a boyfriend, have been rejected by her, “he told me Very well, responsible and motivated. “She tried hard to persuade her parents.