Competing for the Most Trades

My sister and I are always competing with each other. We competed for better grades in school, the last piece of pie at home, and for the best Christmas gifts. These days, we’re competing by seeing who can make the most in a month from trading bitcoin on the Bitcoin Trader official app. For the last five months, I’ve been winning, but before that my sister had a streak of four months. At the end of the year, person who has the most winning months will receive $1,000 worth of bitcoin from the other person.

Our parents don’t understand bitcoin, and when we tried teaching it to them, we even turned that into a competition, with the person who was able to help mom and dad understand getting $100 in bitcoin. My sister tried first, but they couldn’t get the hang of it. I tried next, and I made a little more progress than my sister did, but they still couldn’t get it. So far, neither one of us has won that competition, but it’s still open just in case we can figure out how to get them to learn. Between to the of them, our mother came the closest to learning how to trade.

My sister has been watching the market a lot more closely these days because she’s trying to get her lead back. There are only so many months left in the year, so she trying to get as many trades in as possible. I don’t think she’ll be able to catch up to me, but I’ll still keep trading just in case. I already have some plans for that $1,000 in bitcoin. I’m going to cash it out and buy myself plane tickets and rent a hotel room for a much needed vacation in the Caribbean.