Deserves it! “A good man without controversy conquer us swimming at home and abroad in 2017


the phoenix sports news Beijing time on the evening of December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence champion prize award ceremony, he gains weight heaviest award for best male athlete. In 2017, he conquered the three major events, from the domestic championship to Budapest world championships, and then to the national games. Sun, 26, was Phelps veteran, but has become a pit of legend.

although not Olympic year, but the sun in 2017 was also busy, in April, the domestic championship, just to warm up for sun, he started, he swept all from 100 meters to 1500 meters freestyle gold medal, a strong won 5 gold, especially since the 100 title, is full of surprises. If this proves that the sun take part in the short, also can challenge NingZeTao.

of course, for the sun, the most glorious moment in 2017 from the world swimming championships in Budapest. 400 – meter freestyle, sun realized three successive championships. 200 m freestyle final, sun 39 1 minute and 44 seconds to set the Asian record kept by himself, winning the championship. This proves that the sun is still king in today’s freestyle.

he is 26 years old, from the point of age, he should have gone downhill. But the sun its own efforts and hard work, still keep their own status in the peak, this let a person respect. World 800 m freestyle, the sun only received 5, he cried, because he was so tired.

just rest for a month, the national games, national games in tianjin, the sun to get 6 gold, 1 silver, he became the most Olympic Games won the gold medal athletes. Now, sun, 26, has become China’s sports living legend, even, said he is YouYongShi on one of the greatest athletes in China, this also is not hyperbole.

this time, the sun beat Malone won the award for China’s top ten Lawrence champion, is deserved. This is the first time he won the award, is also a kind of motivation. After three years of Tokyo, sun looking legend continue. When zhou kai