Fitness Miss prepare equipment training program

Monday: chest muscle training: bench press 15-6 * 8 group, dumbbell birds 12-8 * 8 group, parallel bars arm extension: done 50 times.
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Leg Training: squat 25-6 times * 8 groups, dumbbell bow and arrow squat: each leg to complete unilateral 8 * 8 training; biceps curl to strength failure
Thursday: rest
Friday: back training: Pull-ups: 50 times completed, about 6 groups; pull the neck before pulling down 12 * 4 group; sitting RIB 12 * 6 group;
Saturday: shoulder training: push the neck barbell joint recommended 12 +12 * 6 before the neck, immediately after the completion of leaning dumbbell side flat 15-8 * 4 group; or: dumbbell flat before the flat side + In the first week of the second week with a barbell instead of dumbbell combination group training; shoulder training after the end of abdominal training, Flat sit-ups 100 * 4 group, not bearing weight, rest between groups for 15 seconds or less, ingot abdomen 25 * 4 group, do not rest, immediately lift legs to strength failure;
Sunday: Take a break, do not eat any protein-rich foods, eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and eat high-quality complex carbohydrates. Guaranteed sleep.