Four suggestions for novice female strength training!

What is the definition of strength training novice?
Strength training novices refer to the regular use of mechanical equipment for training, or useful free weights, but have not learned the correct skills, and do not often do barbell and free-hand training of people.
Even if you have been in the gym for many years, then do some biceps triceps training at the gym, use a Smith machine to do squats and other exercise machines, you are still a novice. In short, if you are unable to perform some basic actions correctly (or you are not sure if your skills are correct) such as squatting, hard lifting, push-ups, shoulder pushing, lunging, pull-ups, etc. Article is written for you.
Now let’s take a look at a few training tricks for a novice female strength trainer!

Learn the right action
This is very, very important, and when you begin your training, you must take the time to learn how to do it correctly. Do not let yourself learn the wrong posture from the outset, and finally get rid of bad habits difficult.
For beginners, your only concern is your quality of action! Squatching whether to maintain stable and neutral torso, the correct center of gravity, whether to use the power of the hip; bench press whether to ensure the stability of the shoulder strap, whether it can control the movement of the barbell, exercise back to the time Proper back muscles rather than arms … These are the need to take the time to learn!
The best way is to find a reliable coach to help you learn the motor skills to help you adjust the action!

2. Wholeheartedly practice the basic movements
If you finally decided to begin strength training, during the first months of training, focus on the basic exercises.
Each basic action must have a way to remember the operation, just want to see if you want to recite formulas (or what martial arts secrets), is a good idea of ​​six formulas, or 20 easy to remember when your body began to do weight training When, is the same reason, there is no need to let your body suddenly remember too much action, this does not have much benefit.
Help yourself a favor, strength training in the early days, let yourself focus on a few basic movements like, through the basic movements of training, you can be familiar with skills and slowly increase strength.
The basic actions are as follows:
Squat / deadlift / pull-out or pull-down / boating / bench press / shoulder push
These are the most basic actions, if you are a novice gifted, you can also add lunge / bridge / and so on! These movements can train your whole body muscles, while eating more fish!
Do not think you need to learn a few different actions to stimulate your muscles, or do too many single joint exercises (curl, three extensions) to train each individual muscle. As a novice you should focus on the basic composite action training, hone their skills at the same time, but also become more strong at the same time.

3 to know that they will not “change too much”
What kind of situation will make you look “big only”?
The answer is, too much body fat !!!
Remember, having a muscle does not make you look “big” or “fat.” Do not worry, you’re going to be a horrible muscle!
Strength training allows you to build muscle, improve metabolic rate, body fat burning, so you get your eyes compact and compact body.

Focus on getting yourself strong
Regardless of your main goal, focus your attention on making yourself stronger, rather than thinking about six muscles or bottomless waistline.
Focusing on empowerment is not only the best way for novices to get training, but it can also greatly inspire people. The strength of a novice usually goes very fast during the early stages of training, and a little bit of a weekly drop becomes stronger and is a positive improvement
When you are able to master basic moves, you should give yourself some challenges to make yourself stronger! Most girls are still stuck in the world raised 5 pounds pink dumbbells, this training will not bring any change to you!
Boys and girls training is no different, not to think some people say the girls a small number of times like a small weight, the decision is the line of muscle mass and body fat rate, and you want to get muscle you have to challenge the weight