Girls fitness advantages and common problems

Girls are not yoga, dancing, pilates and treadmills! As the fitness style blows bigger and bigger, most girls begin to walk into the gymnasium. They pursue the beauty of health power and begin to love the iron barbell and the barbell like the boys.
Today we want to talk to you about some of the strengths and weaknesses of girls in weight training!
Can girls become stronger and stronger?
I believe many people’s impression is that no matter how girls practicing than boys, however, really! Girls power of the muscles inherently difficult to develop than some men, such as the same is the Olympic weightlifter (same level), girls can not be heavier than boys!
Although women may be somewhat disadvantaged in their natural condition, you can see that they have grown up and are even stronger than the average male. You can see that many girls and girls are as easy as they are to eat.

2. Many women have very good mobility in the joints of the body, but lack the ability to control the body.
Most girls will be good flexibility and activity will be good, which makes you a lot less training and learning to block the action! However, the relative stability will be less with!
Compared with boys, women may take more time to learn to control the body, and this is a major focus of training.
Learn how to properly control the body, to maintain stability, will bring good training results. Some female students have a sports background, which will help them to shorten the study time. However, not everyone has such experience. Therefore, we recommend to the general female to learn from the most basic and simple actions.