No man! Malone lost sun for two 2018 looking forward to making a comeback



the phoenix sports news Beijing time on December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence awards ceremony held in Beijing, in the best male athlete selection of component heaviest, Malone lost to the sun, for defending. This year, Malone’s performance is still good, but unfortunately, this may be related to two factors, one is the tournament back, the second is the year-end lost the world first throne.

the Rio Olympics last year, Malone won the men’s singles champion, he was officially declared king began to reign. From then on, Malone become invincible in the game. In 2017, is also a harvest year for Malone. Dusseldorf, Germany 2017 world championships, beat FanZhenDong Malone won the championship, in fact, FanZhenDong distance are close but Malone pick up the slack.

the national games men’s singles match, Malone won the champion again, and this time FanZhenDong Malone did not give any chance. Malone has not only realized the national games men’s singles title, but also became the first repeat in the history of the national games men’s singles champion player.

however, Malone in the China’s top ten best male athlete selection Lawrence lost to the sun, perhaps with Malone’s two & other; The stain & throughout; The relevant. In June this year ping, Malone and teammates who has out of the race. And, Malone lost the world, now, Germany will be the just love lock the throne of the world no. 1 January 2018, means that China NanPing captain Malone topped the world’s record for 34 months in a row was interrupted.

but for Malone, was not the prize may be less important. In 2017, Malone invincible in the game, and over the counter, Ma Longze harvest the crystallization of their love. Now, Malone is a father. In February, 2018 table tennis World Cup team competition will be held in London, including China, men and women all 12 teams will compete at the four-day. As China’s top leader, Malone forward to create brilliant. When zhou kai