Ping super fifth round FanZhenDong doubles to win Xu Xin shock defeat to chop

ping super fifth round, FanZhenDong doubles win Xu Xin shock defeat to chop.

on December 19, 2017-18 ping super – the fifth round of the season is over four games, a jiangsu Chinese super match of the cable versus the shandong luneng will take place in the late 20th.

Malone, high rate of their team sweep, Lin FanZhenDong playing doubles, the rate of team win, Xu Xin by chopper matt, reported the biggest shocks.

in the first game, sichuan changhong 2-3 bazhou hyrum

sichuan changhong player is: Zhu Linfeng, Xu Ruifeng, Lai Jia new.

bazhou hyrum players are: Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, in any one.

1, 3-2 Wang Chuqin Zhu Linfeng (5-11, 12-8-10, 8-11, 11, 7-4).

2 disk, 2-3 Liang Jingkun Xu Ruifeng (13-11, 11-9, 8 to 11, September 11, 7-9), the two teams tied 1-1 -.

third, 1-2 Wang Chuqin Xu Ruifeng/Lai Jia new/in a (11-6, 12 and 14, 5-7).

4 set, Zhu Linfeng 3-2 Liang Jingkun (13 to 15, 11-9, 13, 8 to 11, 7-15-5).

the fifth set, Lai Jia new 2-0 in a (8 to 11, 10-12).

Zhu Linfeng, winning streak Wang Chuqin, Liang Jingkun, scored two points, this is one of the most close to victory, but his teammates don’t give force, finally defeat, sichuan team unbeaten games so far.

the second game, anhui lang kun 0-3 shandong weiqiao & middot; From moving is

anhui lang kun’s player is: in the ocean, Zhou Qihao, Zhu Cheng.

shandong weiqiao players are: high, yan an, Lin xue.

1 set, in sub 1-3 the yan an (7-11, 5-7-11, 11, 5-11).

2 disk, Zhou Qihao 0-3 Lin gao yuan (6-11, 4-11, 6-11), high strength is stronger, Lin won easily.

the third set, yan an Zhou Qihao/Zhu Cheng 1-2/xue (11-6, 9-11, 4-7).

shandong weiqiao five wins in a row, ping super – is the only unbeaten side. DetailPic

the third field, right of tianjin health 3-0 Shanghai zhongxing

tianjin QuanJian players are: three-dimensional pool, Cheng Jingqi Malone, matt, room.

Shanghai star player is: Xu Xin, Sun Zheng, Arthur ter, Cui Qinglei.

Shanghai zhongxing bold changes before the game, rarely play Sun Zheng as the second singles, Xu Xin served as the first singles.

1 dish, Malone 3-0 Sun Zheng (11-4-9, 11, 11-5).

2 set, matt 3-2 Xu Xin (4-9-11, 11, 6 to 11, 11-5, and 7-4). When upset. Matt is the ping active first chopper, in 2012, the national youth championships men’s singles final 4-3 reverse FanZhenDong, win the championship, with thorough knowledge of the chop language.

third, assumed the pool room/Cheng Jingqi 2-0 Arthur ter/Cui Qinglei (11-9, 11-8).

game 4, shenzhen baoan MingJinHai eight big business 3-1

eight big business team is: FanZhenDong, Zhou Yu, Zhou Kai.

shenzhen baoan MingJinHai players are: hao shuai, Zheng Peifeng, ryearn.

because FanZhenDong home, just finished finals eastlands, more tired, he served as the third round, paired with Zhou Kai doubles.

1, 3-2 hao shuai Zhou Kai (11-9, 13 and 11, 12-14, 4-11, 8-6). Young Zhou Kai resisted pressure to rockets.

2 disk, Zhou Yu 0-3 ryearn (11-13, 10-12, 3-11), a week more before didn’t grasp well, two key points in the third crash.

third, 2-0 FanZhenDong/Zhou Kai Zheng Peifeng/ryearn (11-7-9, 11).

4 set, hao shuai Zhou Yu 3-1 (8, 11-7-11, 11-8 -, 16-14). Zhou Yu adjust state, rick hao shuai, the fourth with 16-14 high score.

the Xu Xin by chopper, what do you think what reason be? Because Xu Xin just played the NBA finals, no strength? Is affected by the new material ball, the ball speed, rotating down to?