Sleeping Comfortably – My Experience

I’ve always struggled with sleep, and have never been able to put my finger on why. When I say struggle, I don’t necessarily mean I can’t sleep. Sometimes I can’t, sometimes I sleep too much, but I never seem to have the right sleep.

I can be in a deep nocturnal doze, and be awoken by the slightest of noises. Other nights I can sleep through horrendous storms and catfights. I’m often questioned the next day on whether I heard last night’s howlings, but rarely do I share the same experiences as my family.

If I am awoken too early, I find it very difficult to get back to sleep. I rarely get the chance to wake naturally these days, so you’d think I would be tired all the time – and I am. But I can never take a “cat nap” or “catch 40 winks”, because once I am awake that’s it; I’m awake for the rest of the day.

I’ve always had fairly standard beds growing up. I always wanted a cabin bed but wasn’t allowed one for fear of nocturnal movements that would result in broken bones! My earliest memories of sleep are sharing a bunk bed with my sister (which I did in fact fall off of one night). Once we got our own rooms I got a bed with an enormous clanking cupboard attached to the underneath, which almost constantly resulted in me waking myself up at the slightest movement.

After moving rooms several times and changing living arrangements more times than I can imagine, I managed to land my first double bed. It was (excuse the pun) like a dream come true as I now had room to kick around and fidget as much as I liked! Being a ‘busy’ sleeper I tend to roll around somewhat, involuntarily assaulting whoever accompanies me, and often sleepwalking and having imaginary conversations with hat stands and pets!

My sleeping got better as I got older, but when I say better I really mean deeper, longer, more undisturbed and less irritating. It took me a while to get to sleep I admit, and I often had to have the aid of an idle TV or radio, but once I was off there wasn’t anything on earth that could wake me. Again, that’s not to say the quality of sleep was better, as I always found myself waking up achy and cumbersome.

It wasn’t until I moved out from my parent’s house and moved in with my partner that we invested in a massive comfortable foam mattress. After suffering many nights on a bed with broken slats, we migrated to the floor and have been there ever since. My quality of sleep has drastically improved and I can spring out of bed with no sleep debt!