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on December 20, 2017 China top ten Lawrence champion prize awards ceremony, the ceremony by the optimal letter used car name to broadcast, mengniu (read CiAn Sue, Kyoto, longling Huang Longyu, shenzhou car brands such as strategic partners also give strong support. This festival is not only the sun, wang hao, Su Bing etc. The most popular sports stars in China, and huang xiaoming, shang wenjie, JiKeJuan escape entertainment such as red star presence, witness to the 2017 China sports moment of glory.

as the most competitive awards, the best male athlete has always been the focus of the audience the most, in the end, the sun beat Malone won the 2017 China top ten Lawrence best male athlete award. When the presenters announced that moment, the sun’s fans completely released his excitement, cheers the screams, like a big concert!

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when to deliver their acceptance speech, he first of all to thank the support has been his fans and family, also thanks to his team. Is their support to avail themselves of such achievement today! At the same time, he also said that as a good athlete, in every time after the brilliant achievements, need their own state of mind to zero, to position himself in a competitor’s. Can’t because of the achievements of indulgence, not forget that the beginner’s mind!

he said that as a Chinese athlete, honor for countries to keep faith, make its own contribution for the Chinese sports cause. At the end of the speech, he also to their junior expressed his expectation, hope they can uphold their own faith, hard work, one day it will stand to the highest summit!