Women’s bodybuilding must-read: the most complete 38 kinds of breast beauty

Basic common sense: the standard of the world recognized the United States
According to reliable survey data show that 34B size chest is the perfect world aesthetic standards can accept the chest. Of course, in addition to the size of the breast firm, full is also very important.
And to ensure the fullness of the chest, in addition to women’s own pituitary gland and ovarian estrogen secretion, the amount of free fat is also an important factor in determining the perfect chest or not, which is why whenever you lose weight (diet food) When, regardless of the real success or failure, the cup will drop the number one reason.
(A) diet: fruits and vegetables milk fish can be breast-feeding
1, papaya, fish, meat and milk and other foods rich in protein (protein foods), can breast.
2, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernel, sesame and corn and other seeds and nuts, is an effective breast food, may wish to eat more.
3, orange, grape (grape food), grapefruit and tomatoes and other foods containing vitamin C, to prevent chest deformation.
4, celery, walnuts and red kidney beans and other foods containing vitamin E, will help the chest development.
5, broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower oil (oil food) and other foods containing vitamin A, are beneficial hormone secretion.
6, beef, milk, beans and liver and other foods containing vitamin B, but also help hormone synthesis.
7, milk stewed chicken ─ ─ tender chicken add milk with the stew, can have breast enhancement (breast food) role.
8, drink some soup with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Placenta carcass pigeon soup. Materials include the Placenta, Angelica, North flag, dates and pigeon and so on. Placenta Placenta car is rich in hormones and hormones; Angelica, red dates and the North flag is qi and blood, while the pigeon has the effect of physical fitness.
9, you can drink Polygonatum, Angelica, Atractylodes, Yun Ling, carp and ginger and other materials boiled carp soup. Because carp has a strong body effect, and Atractylodes can spleen and stomach, combined with breast enhancement effect.
10, drink a lot of pig heart soup also has the effect of Qi and nourishing the breast.
11, the curative effect of herbs is not bad, such as goat milk and milk ginseng, etc., but also have breast diet. Both herbs can strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance the body’s absorption capacity, help the development of the chest.
12, can also drink the following two kinds of Chinese herbal tea, including spleen tea and Yang Xin tea. The former Qi and nourishing, the latter replenishing qi, Yang Xin soothe the nerves. Jelly stuffed with royal jelly expansion.
13, fermented egg ─ ─ fermented wine, sugar into the cooked egg, take a bowl sooner or later during physiology up to beauty (beauty food) and breast enhancement effect.
14, royal jelly ─ ─ take a few months in a row, that can have a certain effect of breast enhancement, because royal jelly has the function of stimulating hormone secretion.
15, tendons, sea cucumbers and pigs and other glial-rich foods, can increase the development of the chest.
16, eat seafood, such as shrimp and shellfish, which contains zinc is an important element in the production of hormones.
Common sense: the best breasts not to be missed
From the 11th, 12th and 13th days of menstruation, these three days are the optimal period of breast enhancement, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22th, 23th and 24th days are the second best times, Full of ovarian estrogen is 24 hours an equal amount of secretion, which is the best time to stimulate thickening of breast fat accumulation.
(B) exercise (sports food) law: often lifting dumbbells and swimming
17, lifting dumbbell exercise, can make the chest muscles strong, perseverance can effectively achieve the effect of expanding the chest.
18, breast augmentation movement ─ ─ legs apart, his hands clenched dumbbells, upper body forward, and keep the back and neck straight. Lift the dumbbell up and down to the chest, lift it up, and exhale when you drop it.
19, strong chest and abdomen movement ─ ─ neck and waist at the same time remain upright, and then hands straight, the concentration of power in the abdomen, exhale hand side to stretch.
20, to strengthen the chest exercise ─ ─ upper body forward, one hand dumbbell, the other hand on the knees to support the body; dumbbells to the chest, and then drooping, left and right hand turns do 10 times.
21, incline push – hands with 5 pounds of dumbbells each, pay attention to push on to exhale, the elbow joints remain slightly curved, pushed to the maximum for about 1 second; down to keep the elbow to 90 degrees, About 12 times in a row.
22, chest push – to the triceps muscle force, beginners should give 10 pounds dumbbells, and pay attention to the back muscles to be locked.
23, equipment movement ─ ─ do this section mechanical breast enhancement exercise, pay attention to the hands of the opening and closing movements should be slow, can not pull too open, stretching to 180 degrees, otherwise easy to strain the chest.
24, swimming ─ ─ through the hydraulic pressure on the chest from the effect of massage, the development of the chest will have some help.
(C) posture method: sit upright to be correct
25, walking – to keep the back straight, and to abdomen, arms, will focus on the upper body.
26, when you sit down ─ ─ chest to look up, straight back, do not stooped body, a listless way.
27, rest ─ ─ should be lying sideways or supine position to sleep, should not prone, so as not to squeeze the chest.
(D) pretense: buy bust tips
28, when the time to buy bust, choose a smaller model in the style, not a small one code.
29, if you wear all-cup type, you can choose to wear 3/4 cup type; wear 3/4 cup, it may be more suitable for 1/2 cup.
30, to choose a steel bra and forming Cup bust, because the chest can hold up, so the appearance of more plump.
31, can also be added in the chest chest pad activities.
32, to avoid wearing sports bust, because of its softer materials, and without pad and steel support, will have been “wave as the mirror” chest, pressed more flat, more flat.
(E) health (health food) law: sweet food should quit smoking do not stick
33, eat more legumes, legumes can reduce the secretion of estrogen, can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.
34, reducing daily consumption of high-fat foods, due to high fat can cause obesity, and obesity is also one of the causes of cancer.
35, do not eat too much sweets, due to long-term consumption of high sugars, will make the blood insulin levels increased, and insulin is helping breast cancer cell growth.
36, to maintain more than an hour a day exercise, can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer, these sports include walking and walking aerobic exercise.
(Vi) Random expansion will cause trouble
37. Breastfeeding Products – According to the Consumer Council’s investigation report, there are some products or foods on the market that are labeled as Breast Breasts. After animal testing, they are found to contain “estrogen”.
Such as massive abuse of estrogen, may inhibit the body’s own estrogen secretion, the result may be self-defeating, hindering the development of the chest.
38, in addition to the development of products that contain “estrogen”. The general health foods contain soybeans, pueraras or placenta, while the breast cream contains herbs or moisturizing ingredients, but pregnant women (pregnant women food), breastfeeding women, children (children’s food) and breast cancer patients using this Be very cautious about products, you should consult your doctor’s advice first.